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September 2009

Why UEFA’s Verdict on Eduardo is Wrong

As we wait and see if the EPL will take action against Adebayor, as FIFA has taken action against Eduardo, it is time to contemplate…

Why UEFA’s Verdict on Eduardo is Wrong – A reasoned critique of an unreasonable decision

By “stuartlondon”

A ‘dive’ is a self induced fall that does not result from […]

Humble words of apology

So what do I know? Absolutely nothing obviously, given my last post. Letting in four was not what I had in mind – at least not for the Arabs.

Do we take anything from this? There were chances and chances, especially near the end, and quite a few misses for us. But we did have […]

SPOILER ALERT: Man A vs Arsenal, teams, report, result before it happens

ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES: Arsenal results before the game starts.

So, where were we?

Everyone’s been off being kicked for their country during Cripplegate Week, and everyone is injured, so we are putting out the under 11s for this fixture.

Arshavin’s out, Cesc is probably out, my cat’s out (but that’s a cat-flap issue) and Theo […]

Manchester City: You Can’t Buy Class

Manchester City: You can’t Buy Class.

By Phil Gregory

The game last season that really opened my eyes in regards to City’s flaws as a team was Hamburg away in the UEFA Cup. One glance at the team sheet told you the team was going to be horribly lopsided (a midfield and attack of Zabaleta, […]

Who benefits from these internationals?

Who benefits from these internationals?

By Simon Bailey

With the current round of international football matches over, and the players heading back to their respective clubs in various states of disrepair, it makes me wonder about their true value.

In this round were some Friendlies and some World Cup Qualifiers. Now that league football is […]

England’s Youth Development system handed over to Arsenal

This is just about the biggest story there is at the moment – and of course no newspaper is touching it. In simple terms it is this…

The big clubs (not Arsenal) are trying to tap up kiddies from all over the world to do a patch and mend job on their teams, as their […]

Liverpool, WHU, Man U, Arsenal. Who will survive the debt repayments?

Knowing what a football club is doing financially is tough. When Mr Usmanov put forward his refinancing plan recently he got one set of top bankers to draw up an analysis of the club’s situation and needs. Those against the plan got another set of top bankers to show why we didn’t need the money. […]

Arsenal is nothing without its history and heritage

A review of “Forward, Arsenal” by Bernard Joy

Bernard Joy was the last amateur player to play for England. He played for the University of London, Casuals (with whom he won the Amateur Cup – which I should add for younger readers was a very big deal in earlier times, getting huge crowds, and sometimes […]

Arsenal – the club for every day of the week

Arsenal – the club for every day of the week

By Ian Trevett, Editor of Highbury High

Untold Arsenal has kindly allowed me to write a feature for the site and invite readers of the Tony’s excellent blog to contribute features to the Arsenal fanzine Highbury High.

Highbury High has become a close ally to […]

Where are they now: Everton teetering on the edge of success

Everton: a model for success teetering on the edge.

by Phil Gregory

Very easy to stick the knife in here, but I’m not going to jump on that bandwagon just yet. We all know Moyes has done a fantastic job with them over the years, but can we really see them breaking the top four […]

Cripplegate Week: cherishing the injured

Oh what to do in Cripplegate Week – the week when all our top stars go off and get injured while playing not for the Arsenal who pay their wages but for a bunch of morons called “international managers” who treat them with utter contempt.

Well, the first thing is, if you fancy doing a […]

Where are they now: Aston Villa as serious rivals to Arsenal???

By Phil Gregory

It’s so obvious it hardly needs saying: Villa are clearly in a worse state than they were this time twelve months ago.

Barry and Laursen are gone and have clearly not been adequately replaced. When Delph’s signing was announced, I (and I presume most) assumed he’d be a much needed squad depth […]

Why Chelsea are banned, why Arsenal is different, why we boycott evil Amazon and amazing cock-up by Daily Mirror

No sooner was the Chelsea ban on transfers announced than BBC Radio 5 rushed out an interview with an ex-KGB player who linked this case with the Eduardo case. It was one of the most sickening pieces of anti-Arsenal propoganda yet launched in the media war on Arsenal.

Chelsea are banned from signing new players […]

West Ham & Arsenal. Compare. Contrast. Stop laughing.

It seems that West Iceland United might not get a fine over what happened in the match against Millwall, because the footballing authorities fear it will send the club into total collapse. Instead, the club will just get a telling off.

As one footballing official might have said, “If UEFA can get away with banning […]

Arsenal must fight bent UEFA to the bitter end

At last, a club willing to stand up and fight against the insane, bent and discredited UEFA.

Arsenal’s statement over the Eduardo affair was everything we could have wished for – a complete catalogue of everything that is wrong with the warped European governing body, including its arrogant belief that it can get away with […]

Mike Dean: the referee, the man, the history, the scandals

Below we print an open letter to Mike Dean, referee, from Walter Broeckx, referee.

But just before that, here’s a quick summary of Mr Dean’s career…

In 2005 he was suspended from being a ref because he was involved with a betting company. His official crime was “breaching the terms of his contract”.

He […]

UEFA: corrupt, criminal, incompetent or deluded?

The trouble with the UEFA vs Eduardo story is that the number of strands within it keeps getting bigger.

It is a bit like trying to grasp the nature of the universe. Just when you have got your head around the fact that space and time are all part of the same entity, along comes […]