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October 2020

Let the football begin: Arsenal back in action on saturday

By Tony Attwood

It seems like forever since we had any real football, but there’s only five days to go before we start again – as usual at Barnet.

Last season the game was curious: we had two different teams out for the two halves (that’s fairly normal) but with some of them playing out […]

Arsenal’s First Team 2010-11; the complete run down

By Tony Attwood

If you ever care to meander out of the present day to the dim and distant past you might have noticed that on the Woolwich Arsenal site we are running a series on the players who started the first match of the 1910/11 season for Arsenal.

Which made we want to think […]

Arsenal back in the reserve league, after major concessions

Having pulled out of the reserve league structure Arsenal have agreed to return, having won a number of concessions from the league.

The key change is that during the winter months when the pitch at Barnet can get rather rough and bumpy, Arsenal has the right to play its reserve matches behind closed doors at […]

German lessons for Arsenal?

By Nick Tolhurst

The truth about the success of the German national team and what it means for Arsenal.

Despite losing to Spain in the semi-final, the story of this year’s world cup has without doubt been the rise of a new, exciting and multi-cultural young German team that has put much heralded and more […]

Arsenal sign Samuel Galindo. Is Celta Vigo our new reserves club?

by Tony Attwood

With Wellington Silva joining us full time in January, Arsenal are stepping up the South and Central American connection.

Samuel Galindo is Arsenal’s latest transfer costing €500,000. He is Bolivian, captain of the under 20s, he is 6′ 3″ tall, left footed, an attacking midfielder who can play either in the centre, […]

You can’t believe a single word I say (but you probably knew that). The reserves are no more.

Egg on face, custard all over face, total red face… how do I express my utter embarrassment?

After weeks if not months laughing at the Tiny Totts and others not managing to put together a reserve team, Young Guns (exquisite, up to date and far more accurate than Untold on such […]

Arsenal’s power in reserve football forces more teams out

One of the crazier sidelines of the failure of England to do very much in a world cup final has been the parade of has-beens (as opposed of course to people like me who have never been in the first place) saying that England needs to “clear the decks” and “wipe the slate clean” and […]

Wellington Silva (our new superstar signing) and the issue of balls

Untold Arsenal runs a list of up and coming young players who we expect to break through into the first team at some time in the next year or four. It’s called the Golden 30, although for reasons that will not become apparent at this time, it has only 28 players on it at present.


How Arsenal came to the rescue of English football

How Arsenal came to the rescue of English football.

By Tony Attwood

I started researching this article with three questions in mind:

a) Why is England so bad at football

b) Why does Arsenal under Wenger use so few English players?

c) Why does the Netherlands, with its small population seem […]

Arsenal sign Argentine goalkeeper, plus Roberts and Ebecilio and maybe Barca’s Assulin

By Tony Attwood

Through a special arrangement with the excellent Young Guns web site, Untold can now bring you the in-depth news concerning our latest youth signings.

You might remember (if you were paying attention that is) that I went into a spin after Arsenal became the first team to retain […]

Be proud, be very proud. Arsenal become first team ever to retain Premier Academy League

Arsenal have won the Premier Academy League – the first team ever to retain the title. What’s more they have secured their position as the most successful youth team club of all time.

What’s more, Arsenal won the title without using their main players from last year. Jay Emmanuel Thomas, for example, who could have […]

What is happening to the 15 players who were on loan last year

This article was published at about 8am on 11 May but there were reports from readers that it was not visible, so I am trying it again.


There were 15 Arsenal players on loan by the end of the season. Here’s an analysis of them – the percentage figure at the end comes from […]

15 loans: a survey of the players who ended the season elsewhere


Gooner Gifts is a one-stop shop for all things Arsenal related, from replica kits and retro shirts through to Emirates Stadium tours, memorabilia and novelty items.


There were 15 Arsenal players on loan by the end of the season. Here’s an analysis […]

Arsenal 4 Everton 2, Man U 1 Arsenal 1


Gooner Gifts is a one-stop shop for all things Arsenal related, from replica kits and retro shirts through to Emirates Stadium tours, memorabilia and novelty items.


Arsenal Ladies and Arsenal Youth both win

by Tony Attwood

Arsenal Ladies have won the last ever Premier League – […]

Why Wenger must go: the bluffers’ guide

———————— Today’s Sponsor: I am not going to tell you: it’s a surprise


It is easy to argue that Wenger should go by taking one issue and shouting it, without any backup argument.

But it is harder to construct the logic over a larger number of issues.

In […]

Tottenham tricked by con man, Liverpool’s incompetence, Arsenal sail on

This week’s special activity:

Go to your local public library this week and ask them to order a copy of “Making the Arsenal” by Tony Attwood. You don’t have to read it but I would like to get a few more sales as we are coming out with a new edition […]

Some things are more important than football.

Sometimes I get the distinct feeling that football isn’t real at all – but is just made up.

I mean, we have got through to the quarter final of the Euro Cup – which is further than our recent rivals Chelsea and Liverpool, and the same as Manchester United.

We went out when playing […]

Which Golden 30 youngsters will play in the first team next season: survey results

This was quite a survey, done all proper and exact like. None of your fiddling of results and mucking about.

We went through three stages.

Part One:the first gathering of names

I asked for suggestions of names as to who might make it from the ranks of the reserves and the youth team into […]

Arsenal’s Golden 30: an update on our list of brilliant young players

I started this list the other day, just because I wanted to try and get my head around all the names of young players that crop up.

There was some laughter and criticism of my efforts – laughter because I managed to get people in twice, and criticism because it was said that and […]

Arsenal’s Golden 30. There’s so many brilliant reserves we need a new training centre


Untold recently published some thoughts on the players who are part of the club and could be on the edge of breaking through. I asked for gaps in the list to be completed and for the details of loans, along with thoughts on the future to be added.

Below is a simple […]

Tonight’s ref: the inside story, plus the journos prepare their excuses

Tonight the ref is the number one ref in Belgium. Or as Zafod Bebblebrox says in the Hitchhikers’ Guide “Belgium Man!”

Here’s the assessment of our resident Belgian Referee: Walter Broeckx……..


I really hope he doesn’t screw up on us.

Last season he had the Liverpool – Real Madrid game and before […]

3 new players, 11 “almost new” players, and a vote for Untold Arsenal

I have only just found out about the Soccer Lens Awards (thanks to our good friend Gf60) so there is only a day or so left for getting entries in. (Sorry I have been so taken up with all the events of the last few days. Fancy Liverpool losing all their players at once. Well […]

Every EPL club going bust except Arsenal. Extra, extra, read all about it.

Well hi diddley dee do! I have just spent 2.5 years screaming about the insanity of football in the EPL and how it will all end in tears, and what do you know? It is all ending in tears! (Apart from those down the pub where it all ends in beers).

There is so much […]

What are you playing at Fran Merida

Let me make it clear that this is not a tirade against Fran Media. If he goes, or if he has already gone, then I will be sorry, but I’ll understand. It is what agents do to young players. Get games every week, grass is always greener, all that stuff.

But if he is going, […]

This was the best thing that could have happened to Fran and Jack.

By Walter Broeckx

Great was my expectation when I saw the names of Fran Merida and Jack Wilshere on the team sheet. I have seen them play a few games in the Carling Cup, the Emirates Cup, in the reserves and even in the Champions League.

When they play in the Emirates cup, which after […]