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February 2008

Journalists try to cover their Arsenal / Tottenham error

Last summer the journalists did their regular thing – who is going up, going nowhere, going down. Everyone except Charlie Nicholas agreed – Tottenham were going into the top 4, and Arsenal were sliding into mid-table, going bust, having supporter walk-outs and all that stuff. Henry was gone, the club was on the slide.

Since […]

Arsenal fans action against “Kick Arsenal” culture among EPL clubs

The idea that the only way to beat Arsenal is to kick Arsenal is widespread, and unless we take action to stop this it will spread further. It is already in place in clubs such as Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers and quite obviously Birmingham City.

Sadly the mass media will give no support […]

“If that is football, it is better to stop”. Arsene Wenger

Many of us have seen it coming – the endless idea, propogated on BBC 5 Live and on Sky Sports, that if you want to stop Arsenal you kick Arsenal.

It is said over and over, and players and managers come to believe it. We saw it when Sunderland attacked Diaby and now we […]

Birmingham Arsenal: a total disgrace. It’s time for action

For the second time in a couple of years we have seen an Arsenal player suffer the most awful injury inflicted mindlessly and pointlessly by a third rate player. Last time Diaby was taken out of the game for a year by Sunderland. Now Eduardo knows what playing against the minor teams of England is […]

Why Arsenal will work hard to support Game 39

The people against Game 39 have been clever in the way they have manipulated the story.

Game 39 has been presented as something to be seen in isolation – a take it or leave it idea. If we all say “no” loud enough, then it goes away and that’s the end of that.

But in […]

The statistical reason why Arsenal played badly against Man U but well against Milan

The answer is incredibly simple. In the Manchester Arsenal FA Cup match 64% of the Arsenal players were reserves – not the players you would expect to be in the first team if everyone was fit.

In the Arsenal Milan match however only 36% of the Arsenal players were reserves – 64% of the players […]

What’s going on between Arsenal and Man U?

“Sir” Alex Ferguson, as he likes to be called, is a strange sort of cove. By any measure he is a very successful manager, having worked miracles at two disjointed under achieving clubs – Manchester United and Aberdeen. His record in the EPL is second to none.

So why does he spend so much […]

Man U going bust, Henry returns, Cesc new contract, new Arsenal US team

Just occasionally our good friends at Goonernews ( don’t carry all our stories. There’s nothing sinister in that, its just that some glitch seems to come along and the story never goes up.

It’s not really bothered us – except with the predictions – I mean, how can we say, “hey look we got that […]

Three of the “Big 4″ are in real financial trouble – and there’s no way out!

It is possible that you might have seen some financial statements recently purporting to show that the American club “Manchester United” has got huge profits this past financial year – £93 million in fact.

These self same figures also seemed to show that the ManYans have shot up in terms of turnover – where they […]

Record crowd at reserve game confirms Arsenal & Manchester dominance of football

Over 70,000 people turned up at the Rowdies Superbowl to watch Manchester Reserves play Arsenal Reserves on Saturday.

Both teams responded to the popular interest by including a few first team regulars, but most of the big names were missing.

The large crowd can be explained in part by the fact that the Manchester club, […]

Cesc, the contract, the prediction, the denial, the truth

Yesterday Cesc said he was negotiating a new contract, just one year into his current 8 year contract.

Today M Wenger says that is not true.

Now no one in their right mind sets aside the words of M Wenger lightly, but on the this occasion there is reason to look a little behind the […]

Henry is coming back to Arsenal

As everyone knows Thierry Henry was given his chance at Monaco by Arsene Wenger when he was 17. In 98 he went to Juve, was a flop playing just 12 games and getting 3 goals. During the period when Wenger was in Japan and Henry was in Italy, the two spoke regularly on the phone […]

Arsenal Colorado deal back on – an Arsenal 2nd team in the USA in the making

Stan Kronke is coming to Arsenal in order to discuss the much delayed deal with his Colorado team.

A year ago it was stated that Colorado Rapids would change its name to Colorado Arsenal, and that there would be a formal link between Arsenal and the Colorado team that plays in the Major League. […]

Please can we win the league twice?

The huge difference between today’s team and the Invincibles of 2003/4 is that this team is young and unproven, that team was made up of players who were reaching their peak.

Pires, Vieira, Henry, Campbell, Lauren, Ljungberg – this was their moment, and although they didn’t vanish at once, in retrospect we can see that […]

What is the simplest way to stop Game 39?

Game 39 is the additional game that the Premier League moguls want to have played outside England.

If you want to stop them, the answer is very simple indeed. Boycott the sponsors of the Premier League.

Just stop buying the products and services of…

Barclays, Budweiser, Lucazade, Nike and Wrigleys.

Certainly if you […]

Arsenal 5 Blackburn Rovers 6

The 5-6 scorline is an important statistic, because it marks a significant change in the approach of the “Rovers” – and in many ways completes an extraordinary transformation for the “club”.

There was a time, 3 years ago, when the only statistic you could measure for Blackburn was kicks. It was so bad that it […]

How the fans can take control of the Premier League

The one thing most of us lack , as supporters of one of the world’s biggest teams, is power. Support a little club and you might well be able to chat to the board members. You might even be able to influence the Trust that runs the club.

But with clubs like Arsenal you have […]

We predicted what “Sir” Alex would say… you didn’t believe it, but we were 100% right

One week ago this august blog ran the “Sir” Alex Ferguson diary predicting what Mr Red Nose would say about the Manchester City game on 10th February. And we got it utterly right.

On 5 February in this widely read and supremely revered commentary on all that matters in the known universe and elsewhere (see […]

Arsenal / Man U audience was 8 million not 1 billion!

A research report by independent analysts Initiative Sports Futures shows that the total world-wide in-home audience from the Arsenal / Man U match was 8m people not the 1 billion that was widely reported by Sky at the time.

The match was available in 203 countries and territories, and if everyone who could have […]

No solution yet to Arsenal player problem

All EPL clubs have big squads – the trick has been in the past to have a mix of first team regulars, those who can step up, and those who know they will hardly get a game but expect to be there in a year or so.

The problem at Arsenal is that M. Wenger […]

I absolutely bet you have never seen insanity in football like this.

The web site behind this blog: is best known for housing “The Stupidity Files” – a collection of articles celebrating the total insanity and idiocy of those who play, manage, control and write about football.

There’s hundreds of articles and stories on the site – but in all the years of collecting them none […]

Arsenal v Wigan in Chicago

The BBC is reporting that at a meeting in London all 20 EPL clubs including Arsenal agreed to explore a proposal to extend the season to 39 games.

The new games would be played at around the world, with cities bidding for the right to stage them. The additional 3 fixtures would be fixed by […]

All Arsenal player contracts to be reviewed

All the contracts of Arsenal players must be reviewed after it became clear that many of them (including the 8 year contract that Fabregas signed) are completely unenforceable under a new EU wide legal ruling made on 30 January 2008. The new ruling puts the name Andy Webster alongside that of Jean-Marc Bosman. From now […]

All the words you can’t call a Tottenham supporter

In case you have missed it, the forces of darkness have been out in, well, force. Our club has been threatened with legal action for failing to cut out anti-semitic chanting. The most prestigious Gooner web site has been closed following threats of legal action. And there have even been threats against one of our […]

Would you let a bunch of mindless twirps have access to your most valued possessions?

It is the most nerve wracking day of the season. A vast array of mindless pointless “international” friendlies in which our players can play and be injured. There’s no benefit, nothing happens – except hamstrings go, knees get knocked and the Spanish practice their racial taunting.

In one way we can feel pleased for Clichy […]