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September 2010

UEFA’s head of the Executive Office is guest speaker at Arsenal Supporters AGM

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal Independent Supporters Association (AISA) has announced that at its AGM the guest speaker will be Alex Phillips, UEFA’s head of the Executive Office.

I’ll give the detail of what the Executive Office is, in a moment, but without even going into that, it is a great coup for AISA to […]

Greetins poms: Arsène’s huge down under!

Arsène’s huge down under

By Bruce

G’day all you whingeing Poms from the land Down Under, a paradise of amber nectar, aerial ping-pong and white pointers!!

Just stumbled upon your site as I was googlin’ Arse, now don’t get yer knickers in a knot, it is strictly research for my own gratification like and […]

The media influence on supporters

by Walter Broeckx

What is the impact on watching a game in front of your TV compared to watch it in the stands?

Yesterday evening when I had finished my match report for the Arsenal Benelux website I went to our forum where the other fans from our supporters club give their view on the […]

The most disgraceful, appalling, awful, unacceptable performance of all time

By Tony Attwood

It was the most disgraceful, appalling, awful and unacceptable TV commentary I have ever heard – and there have been some dire ones in the past. I refer, of course, to the commentary on Sky Sports 4 last night.

It wasn’t just that Arsenal were set up from the start by the […]

The untold referee index : Partizan – Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx, the untold ref

For our CL game against Belgrade we got the company of ref Stark from Germany. Did he have a “stark” (strong in English) performance?

A first point of attention is the fact that I cannot remember a game that was televised in such a bad way. Sometimes you got […]

Partizan vs Arsenal: Does the CL makes a difference?

by Walter Broeckx

Does the Champions league has an effect on the season or not? A question that is often asked but has it ever been researched?

Now we shouldn’t be complaining about the extra pressure we put on ourselves when we play in the Champions League. We earn a lot of money by joining […]

Partizan v Arsenal: the Untold Injury Index

Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 6

By Dale Higginbottom

This last weekend saw teams, including or beloved Arsenal, slip up against weaker opposition. What do the injuries say about this and do we as Arsenal fans have good reason to believe that this was just a hiccup?

As before the players listed are players failing […]

Partizan Vs Arsenal. An Untold prediction

By Phil Gregory

Partizan away is by no means a game to be taken lightly. Our away form in Europe isn’t the greatest, but to be fair, the lack of wins has much to do with the fact that many of the ties didn’t actually require a win, with dead rubbers and the like tossed […]

Behind the Arsenal figures… what does it all mean?

Read between the lines.

By Terence McGovern

So the annual financial figures are in and all is rosy in the garden. It is notable however that many Arsenal fans are not exactly overcome with enthusiasm about it and so we should ask ourselves, what we want from these figures and really at the end of […]

Arsenal’s financials: the in-depth analysis and what it all means.

By Phil Gregory

Righto, so Arsenal have released their latest financial statements, so let’s have a look at them.

There’s been much ado made over record breaking profits and turnover, but it’s important to remember that this is solely attributable to the property development side of the club and so these bumper profits are largely […]

The Untold referee index: Arsenal – WBA

by Walter Broeckx, the referee

Together with West Bromwich Albion came ref Michael Oliver. A young ref with some kind of reputation. Let us see how his match was. Could it be worse than ours?

OTHER/CARD: the ref blows a foul against Eboue at the moment the foul is given. The ball runs to Nasri […]

In better and worse, we will support you

By Walter Broeckx

Well this wasn’t our best day today.

You could see and feel from the first minutes that half of the team was still celebrating our victory at WHL and the other where checking their list to see if they had everything packed for the visit to Belgrade next Tuesday.

As a result […]

Inside the ground at least, we are beating the Anti-Arsenal gangs

By Tony Attwood

A bad day at the office generally can be put right the next day. You know you are off-form and the more you try to correct it the worse it gets. In the end you just have to accept that it was a bad day at the office.

The trouble with football […]

Referee sends himself off in Arsenal v WBA extravaganza!

By Billy the Dog McGraw

OK, everyone’s dead, semi-dead or deadbeat so we are on the edge of using the 9 year old youth team for the match against the Woobooloos. Here’s one line up – the one that Tony tried out on an unsuspecting public the other day…


Sagna […]

12 first teamers injured, is this the worst it has ever been? (And who plays against WBA)

By Tony Attwood

Could this be the all-time injury record for Arsenal – or indeed any EPL club? If you are a reader of the Arsenal History site you will know that we recently covered a game in the 1920s in which Arsenal were without 10 first teamers and ended up playing the goal keeper […]

Liverpool bust, Man U bust, Arsenal’s amazing profits. Compare, contrast, wonder and enjoy

By Tony Attwood

So having done my bit yesterday to put the boot in vis a vis Liverpool and Manchester IOU here’s what Arsenal FC have been up to

The completion of sale of 362 (2009 – 208) private apartments at Highbury Square and the social housing site at Queensland Road generated £156.9 million of […]

I have a dream…. of an ever greater and more glorious Arsenal

I have a dream.

By Paul Blythe (With obvious apologies)

Fourteen years ago, a great Frenchman, in whose symbolic shadow we stand, signed the first of his many contracts. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Arsenal Fans who had been seared in the flames of the withering […]

It’s not a case of where Liverpool will finish this season, it is “will Liverpool survive?”

By Tony Attwood

Christian Purslow, MD of that amusing little club up in the north west, has finally admitted that the club can’t service the debt. While Kenneth Dalglish MBE (a man whom all football fans must remember as a sensational player, and a man of considerable dignity in the aftermath of Hillsborough) seems now […]

Almunia: It’s been a really tough year; plus free club level tickets for WBA

By Tony Attwood

Imagine being told by the boss that he doesn’t think you are quite up to it. Maybe you would like to move on? There’s a good opportunity going in… Norway. Or maybe Malta…. That must be bad enough. But as a footballer being told by people who are supposedly supporting your team […]

It’s good news day. Win 2 club level tickets for WBA; plus Gibbs is OK and Vela is freed

By Tony Attwood

Good news on free tickets, good news on injuries, good news about women, good news about Carlos Vela.

It is all Good, Good, Good, Good. Oh yes!

First off, the two free tickets for club level this weekend.

If you read my meanderings on a regular basis, then in between your need […]

The Untold referee index: Tiny Totts vs Arsenal.

By Walter Broeckx

For the trip to the Lane we got ref Lee Probert in charge. The result was great but how was the ref? We just will find out.

PENALTY: Lansbury runs in the area and falls down. There was a hand of a defender on his back, but I think the ref is […]

Arry says stuff you won’t believe, except, oh, hang on, it was said by Arry, so we don’t

By Tony Attwood

I was so enthused last night I went to bed extra late, couldn’t get to sleep, and then woke up late (thank goodness, not getting a full night’s sleep is not good when you get to a Certain Age – as we Veterans call it) and have hardly got time to write […]

A serious, detailed, and indeed intellectually profound analysis of Tottenham v Arsenal

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes […]

Arsène Wenger has three hands – don’t let the media fool you.

Arsène Wenger has three Hands!!!

By Paul Blythe

The Phrygian sage Epictetus said: ‘Everything has two handles, one by which it can be carried and a second by which it cannot’.

There may even be a third handle, often not in clear view and the major problem being you need a third hand […]

Have they seen the light? It is time to stop fouling goalkeepers

By Walter Broeckx

Watching MOTD is one of the highlights in my life. I must say that from the days of Jimmy Hill it was always a joy for me to hear the tune at the start of the program. My wife knew that at that moment she could run around naked in the house […]