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Fifa and Uefa face the long awaited challenge to their authority

By Tony Attwood

It appears that the Guiness International Cup featuring Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus and LA Galaxy is not going to be a one off event. Rupert Murdoch’s TV companies are planning to run a new international competition for clubs, which they will broadcast – not least because Murdoch as lost the right […]

Gonzalo Higuaín, Real Mad, Juve, Nic B, Bart Simpson

By Tony Attwood

Guessing which of the vast number of players Arsenal are now linked with is going to be impossible. Even the hype language employed by some of the more exciteable blogs is on the rise. We have had “Arsenal on Alert”. We have had “Arsenal on red alert”. Now we have “Arsenal […]

Football descends into total chaos; the circus is back in town

By Tony Attwood

We are so used to Arsenal summers being tales of doom and despair, painted by the omni-watchful AAA as due entirely to Mr Wenger and the board, that it seems strange to watch the chaos elsewhere, while we seem to be sailing serenely through. We have no Flamini style departure (where he […]

Who do you think you are fooling Mr. Riley… fewer fouls given does not mean more goals

By Walter Broeckx

I don’t know if you ever have seen the English comedy series ‘Dad’s Army”. If you did you will probably remember the funny intro song . So if you know this tune just sign the title above along with me. I don’t know why exactly but this song suddenly came back in […]

Ref Rumours: It is a postcode lottery

By Our Man In Black

You might well imagine that referees can’t referee all teams, and quite reasonably PGMO – the highly secretive referee organisation – insists that referees declare who they support, and then doesn’t give that ref those teams.

But there is another exclusion clause in referee contracts, and that is to do […]

Refs report only 5.8% of all the errors they make in a match.

By Walter Broeckx

When is a referee error not a referee error? Now we know – it is when PGMO (the shadowy body that controls English Premier League refereeing) doesn’t see it.

As Mr. Riley head of the PGMO has come out in the open with his numbers that I have talked about in another […]

Mike Riley gives us numbers, but the explanation makes uncomfortable reading

By Walter Broeckx

Well can you believe it. Untold asks the PGMO to speak up and to come out of the dark and on the same day Mike Riley comes out to talk about referees and fouls in the PL. This can be found on the BBC website over here

First let us see […]

Referee Rumours: Inside the secret world of professional refereeing. The stories no newspapers publish.

By the Referee Rumour Mill

Welcome to the new world – not transfer rumours but referee rumours.

If you are a regular reader you will know that Untold has been covering the murky world of referees for years. If you want to see some of our past work take a lot at the Corruption Archive […]

Transfers so far: we are doomed.

By Walter Broeckx

If you look at the way some people behave on the internet one could think that we are already at the last day of the transfer window and we haven’t bought anyone. Not even the youngster that was mentioned in the rumours. Rumours that will have passed more than 100 names in […]

One for the future or is there more to come? The tale of Julio and Xavi.

By Walter Broeckx

I happened to mention the name a few weeks ago in one of my articles. And apparently the deal has been finished and we bought one for the future. His name is Julio Pleguezuelo and he is what is called a higly-rated 16-year-old defender from Barcelona. I will call him just Julio […]

Chuba Akpom and The Arsenal

By Ethan Ward

This is the start of a series of blogs on Arsenal’s younger player, and I thought I’d start close to home and pick an Arsenal youngster who has the talent to break into the first team in the next couple of years, maybe even this coming season.

The […]

Ivan Gazidis: this is what he does. Questions from the floor

Ivan Gazidis: this is what he does…a report from the end of season supporters’ event by Drew (Blacksheep63) Part one appeared here.

This concluding part of the report covers the questions that were asked from the floor.

The first question was why is everybody being quiet about Red and White and Usmanov? Given he […]

Ivan Gazidis: this is what he does

Ivan Gazidis: this is what he does…a report from the end of season supporters’ event by Drew (Blacksheep63)

I was one of the fortunate AISA members whose name came up in the ballot for the Ivan Gazidis meeting, and so off I trotted to the Emirates on Monday night for a Q&A with the Arsenal […]

Fenerbahçe accused again of match fixing

By Tony Attwood . Corruption, according to the official media line, doesn’t happen in British football, but it is rife most other places largely because they are full of foreign types. . Hence a considerable if passing interest has arisen in Fenerbahçe where more five arrests for corruption have been announced, including the club president […]

Coffee, Arsenal and a cup. It’s all about enjoyment.

By Walter Broeckx

Business as usual I was hoping in my last post but that was not possible as my internet was down this morning and I had to wait and wait and wait before I could come online. But now the problems have been solved I hope for a fast internet and with lots […]

The moaners changing their tune?

By Walter Broeckx

As I had to do some sports today and made a long walk for the company I work for today I was not on the internet today. So I couldn’t write an article and as Tony is still hanging around Barcelona, bringing home Cesc we couldn’t publish a second article today. My […]

Defensive blunders have cost Arsenal the title

By Walter Broeckx

There are times that when you are a blogger you write things and people fall over you. I remember this happening on a few occasions this season. Whenever we dropped points I said that this team was good enough and would be good enough.

I have said that we needed a bit […]

Cazorla scores, Fifa grabs money, rumours and no end and can someone pass the curry

By Walter Broeckx

What do you do when you have no Arsenal football to see? You could have a look at Spain against Haiti. Not that it is the most important game around but with 2 Arsenal players in the starting line up, an old(according to some also new) Arsenal player also on the field […]

About buying kids and perception

By Walter Broeckx

What do you hear when you hear talking about Arsenal and transfers? Arsenal only buy kids. I bet you heard that. But is this really true?

I do admit that the last transfer windows usually were overshadowed by players leaving us. And in the years before that we were linked with young […]

10 years of building the emirates: a period of success

By Walter Broeckx

As most of you will know we here at Untold have always been taking the patient way of looking at things when it comes to X years of won nothing.

We have pointed at the changes in the PL where some clubs have rich sugar daddy owners […]

The wildest rumours: an overview and an exclusive

By Walter Broeckx

You know that at Untold we are rather sceptical about the transfer rumours that are being delivered on our doorstep by the more serious media. But we cannot ignore them completely of course. But as Untold is not to be considered that serious at times we will talk about a few and […]

Wenger about to sign a new deal? Wild party at Untold.

By Walter Broeckx

On Thursday several media broke the news about Wenger possibly signing a new deal in the coming weeks. Of course we have a natural mistrust for all the serious media are saying but by the look of it Ivan Gazidis has been talking to the press and has said a few things […]

Arsenal has won the PL fair play league last season. But PL not happy with it?

By Walter Broeckx

Between reviewing games, writing articles, looking for data I had the idea of writing about the Premier league fair play league table.

I did feel a bit proud when I first saw it. Because Arsenal was the fairest team of the league in the last season. As I am a ref myself […]

Theo Walcott, is there more to come?

By Walter Broeckx

In another article I wrote about the new boys and more specific the new attacking players and how they contributed to the team this season.

Now let us talk about the “old” boy playing up front who is in fact the youngest of them all: Theo Walcott.

Has there been a young […]

Match Review: Howard Webb – Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (0 – 1) [19/05/2013]

Match Review: Howard Webb – Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (0 – 1) [19/05/2013]

If you are new to this site and this is your first visit then please: Read this to fully understand our reviews.

Today’s referee is Howard Webb

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Howard Webb (2013-05-19) Period 1 Min Type From On C/NC Reviewer […]