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How Arsenal might just be able to make it up to sixth.

By Tony Attwood

That game today was so much better, it was one of those matches that made me wonder why we couldn’t run the game in this way all the way through every match. We are still a long way down in the league on where we should be, of course, but it was […]

Leciester v Arsenal: the team (updated)

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal still have the third-best defence in the league – just one goal more than Chelsea conceded this season. We have conceded one fewer goal than Leicester.

However, in terms of attack, we are 11th in the League, having scored 13 fewer goals than Leicester.

Leicester have scored 19 and conceded 16 […]

Leicester v Arsenal: Arsenal in shock horror injury amazement crisis

By Bulldog Drummond

Yes a shock announcement and the horror only comes because it is unbelievable. It really is because seemingly Arsenal have only one injury: Rob Holding. Arsenal have issued a statement which says, “”Holding had a concussion but now we need to follow the protocols and he won’t be able to travel.” Several […]

Leicester v Arsenal: we must tackle with caution; when fouled we must go down

by Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal are slowly getting to grips with the way referees treat them this season. As a result they are getting slightly more tackles in per foul given against them (1.25 against 1.15 in December), they can commit slightly more fouls before getting a yellow (6.47 against 6.31 in December).

Leicester however are […]

It is time to hold failed managers to account (especially when they are pundits)

By Tony Attwood

Football London has a headline today saying “AS Monaco are eyeing a summer move for striker Alexandre Lacazette.

“That is according to the Mirror as Arsenal may be prepared to cash in on the Frenchman this summer if he shows no signs of signing a new deal, meaning they will not wish […]

How referees are being bribed to accept VAR decisions

By Tony Attwood

Could it be that our constant campaign to embarrass the PGMO (and the mass media that supports it), by pointing out referee errors, their refusal to give any public statements or to bring themselves in line with the rest of Europe, is having an effect?

And could the media’s abject failure to […]

Narrow escapes are always part of being successful, but they’re not everything

By Tony Attwood

When there is mention the unbeaten season and my thoughts immediately turn to the last match of the season, going one down, the rescue and victory, staying for an hour in the ground, and then driving through London and finding that everywhere there seemed to be people out and about waving […]

Arsenal team news for the “home” game in Greece against Benfica


Arsenal v Benfica; where it’s at, what’s the co-efficient, what happened, who’s injured? Arsenal players forced to isolate after home game! AFC news ahead of Benfica game


The Standard confirms that Thomas Partey traveled to foreign parts where we play the club of one country in the country of another. They add that […]

How is Brexit impacting on the transfer market

Darryl Rigby – Immigration Advice Service

Last month was undoubtedly the slowest January transfer window on record. With clubs still reeling from the ongoing economic impact of COVID-19, many simply cannot afford to recruit new players in these dark and uncertain times.

The Gunners were actually one of the Premier League’s busiest clubs in […]

Arsenal players forced to isolate after home game! AFC news ahead of Benfica game

By Bulldog Drumond

Previously: Arsenal v Benfica; where it’s at, what’s the co-efficient, what happened, who’s injured?

It appears that English clubs that travel overseas, and players who leave England to play for their country anywhere in the world (presumably including Scotland) during the next international break will have to self-isolate for 10 days on […]

Arsenal v Benfica; where it’s at, what’s the co-efficient, what happened, who’s injured?

by Bulldog Drummond

The main question is where on earth is this game being played? Well, of course, as you probably knew the answer is Στάδιο Γεώργιος Καραϊσκάκης, which for those who studied ancient Greek at school rather than the up to date version is the Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus, a port city in Greater […]

Stop this football bigotry. All lives matter.

By Tony Attwood

For some time I’ve laid off the topic of slave labour being used in Qatar to build the world cup stadia, and the argument that anyone who is involved in the World cup there is supporting slavery.

But the issue does not go away as the BBC has revealed that over 6,500 […]

Clubs are starting to mortgage themselves. We’re approaching a tipping point.

By Tony Attwood

Way, way back before the dawn of time, well before the pandemic anyway, I wrote a few articles about the state of the finances of certain clubs, noting in particular how Wolverhampton Wanderers had borrowed a sum equal to their next TV payout, in order (it seemed) to make stage payments for […]

Can one truly understand what is causing the supposed demise of Arsenal

by Anthony Hamaker

Untold Arsenal has recently questioned reasons for the apparent cause of Arsenal’s current demise and asks the question “What does the club do now?”

This follows on from a Guardian newspaper article which suggests that the Arsenal transfer policy must be considered to be one of the main reasons contributing to this […]

The ten routes out of Arsenal’s decline into mid-table obscurity

by Tony Attwood


It was of course only a few years ago that we were in the Champions League every season, and creeping our way up to runners’ up in the league. But it was never enough for some, despite three FA Cup wins in the space of four years.

But surely no […]

What is the cause of Arsenal’s demise, and what does the club do now?

by Tony Attwood

“Arsenal are paying for their poor transfer business,” is the opening headline of the Guardian’s review of Arsenal’s defeat to Manchester City, but their solutions to the current problem show a stunning lack of imagination. For like virtually all the media it simply suggests the club do more of what they’ve […]

Line up for Arsenal against Manchester £. Can they really use 35 players in one game?

By Bulldog Drummond

OK here is the horror story. If we fail to score in this match against the United Arab Emirates club, this is going to be the first time since the origins of the universe that we have failed to score in four consecutive home league games against the same opponent.

Those three […]

This Arsenal injury situation is unbelievable

By Bulldog Drummond

It’s over 12 years since Untold Arsenal started noting the number of injuries each Premier League club had each week, and I have never seen a table of the number of players out injured before that looks at all this before.

Crystal Palace: 9 players Liverpool: 7 players Burnley: 6 players Leeds […]

Arsenal v Manchester City: Arsenal now tackling less than any other PL club

By Tony Attwood


Since we started keeping a track of the tackles, fouls and yellow cards of each club in the Premier League it has been clear that Arsenal are being very heavily penalised by referees. Arsenal are getting fouls and yellow cards called by referees for tackles, far more readily than most […]

The unbelievable excuse Facebook and Twitter offer for allowing racism on line

By Tony Attwood

We live in a world of bland excuses. Indeed in the UK if one listens to the news on the radio, that’s what one hears politicians offer all day long. The broadcaster points out that we have 4.2 million children living in poverty in the UK, and the government replies it is […]

EU footballers warned: your time at an English club might well be up

by Tony Attwood

Not every professional footballer is a member of the Professional Footballers’ Association. Some players may be members of the trades union for their own country, but many are not members of any union.

Which might be a shame if they work in England because although the PFA is contacting all its […]

Arsenal: the 3rd worst club in terms of the effectiveness of its transfer spend

By Tony Attwood

If you read the blogs or the newspapers, or listen to radio stations like Radio 5 or TalkSprout or watch TV stations like Sky Sports or BT Sport you’ll know one thing for sure: transfers are important.

So important in fact that they determine how well a team will do. Indeed listening […]

Setting up Arsenal to fail: telling the club what it must not let happen


By Tony Attwood

Between 2003 and 2011 Arsenal were the only leading club in the Premier League to make money from buying and selling players. In that time Arsenal received £21 million more than they have spent in player deals.

At the same time Chelsea and Manchester City each spent well over […]

While awaiting Benfica, here’s a shocking story not revealed by the media

By Tony Attwood

You might have noted that in our last article I quoted a piece from about how gloriously wonderful and clever Benfica have been, in which they said, “There is no club in world football that has perfected the art of selling better than Benfica.

“Over the past 10 years, the Portuguese […]

Benfica v Arsenal: The Arsenal line up and confirmed predictions

by Bulldog Drummond


There is an interesting comment on today in which they say, “There is no club in world football that has perfected the art of selling better than Benfica.

“Over the past 10 years, the Portuguese giants have sold 393 players and brought in a fraction short of £1 billion […]