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November 2009

Wolverhampton: beat the bookies with Billy The Dog’s pre-match result service

The line up against Wolverhampton Wibbleyous will be much as we saw against the London Street Directory (the A to Z – do try and keep up). Carlos Vela and Armand Traore are just about ready for action, but not quite.

Denilson hasn’t started training yet, but will do so while the silly internationals are […]

Football finance – breaking, smashing, creaking, snapping and crunching news.

Two snippettas of news (I know there is no such word, but it is gone 10.30pm in the UK and the gas fire has been on for a couple of hours and I couldn’t go jiving because I pulled a muscle jumping up and down in the Ems on wednesday night, so I am allowed […]

Finance: Kroenke, banks, fraud, corrpution, football…

I’m rather chuffed that this site made the financial state of football a central talking point long before it became an everyday topic of chit chat.

So it behoves me to give an update – not least because we now have a director on the edge of having to make a bid.

In this piece […]

Why everyone is against Diaby and Arshavin

Editor’s note: Living in the Midlands I tend to set off early for Arsenal games, and don’t get back until after midnight, which means if I leave up the predictions about tonight’s game as the lead story, it is going to look fairly dumb at 10.30pm UK time where I have predicted a 6-1 victory, […]

Arsenal v A to Z: the teams, the tactics and Billy “The Dog”.

With our regular pre-match pundit being asked (bizarrely) to write an essay by his university (something that never happened when I was a student) we turn this week to Billy “The Dog” McGraw, landlord of the Toppled Bollard, St Thomas’ Rd, for a run down on the match against the London Street Atlas, or A […]

Cesc Superman: a review

The case of Cesc Fabregas By Luke Tao (Diceman)

He is really a superman.

I stumbled onto some blogs and found various quotes from, who else, those pub bore lot saying along the line of “Fabregas is not a better player than Xavi and/or Iniesta”.

I’d say to them; piss off and relocate yourself to […]

Arsenal programme on Wednesday to run article by UNTOLD ARSENAL

A word of warning. In this article I will not be hiding my bushel under a 40 watt bulb.

I’m over the parrot.

(Sorry if English is not your first language, that’s a really stupid play on words. In simple talk I am happy and I am going to boast).

Let me put it another […]

Totts issue celebratory mug and DVD after Saturday game

Tottenham Hotspur have continued their theme of celebrating matches against Arsenal with a special edition DVD and Spurs coffee mug following the 3-0 defeat on saturday.

The official reason for this release is not that the club like to find every possible way of ripping off its supporters and getting them to fork out good […]

Who are ya? A quick review of those who would challenge us

Who Are Ya?

By Simon Bailey

The press have gleefully swooped on Arsene’s comments at the AGM and it is now gospel, we are bringing home silverware this season.

Personally, I saw Arsene re-iterating the same position he has taken all season. Pundits are getting very fond of saying that we have more chance of […]