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Arsenal Barca: what more can we say? Well quite a lot actually.

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Arsenal v Barca, previewed by Phil Gregory

Well here we are people, the big one, Barcelona. Win or lose, I think we’re all […]

Welcome to the land of the Pig’s Head

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Today’s sponsor: is a one-stop shop for all things Arsenal related, from replica kits and retro shirts through to Emirates Stadium tours, memorabilia and novelty items. They even sell “Making the Arsenal”. Visit


Welcome to the land of the Pig’s Head.

A Billy the […]

Is it all over? (I hear no singing)

Is it all over ?

By Walter Broeckx

If you look at what some people say, it is all over .

Even worse because we dropped points against Birmingham in the last minutes we are doomed for the rest of the season. We will be out of the CL on wednesday, in fact why even […]

Make the most of this Barca game: they are almost as bankrupt as Liverpool

Tony’s confession

I made an absolute howler in the original headline of this piece with a grammatical error the size of Real Mad’s overdraft. It has been pointed out in correspondence, quite rightly. Normally I don’t go back and change a site once published, but this error was so bad I just couldn’t live with […]

Is Internet Streaming Killing Sport? Or is it just the lawyers?

Is Internet Streaming Killing Sport?

By Simon Bailey.

This week I watched the Arsenal match on my PC courtesy of a stream provided by an unknown person in an unknown location in the world. The reason for this is twofold; Firstly it was a 3pm kick off and no UK TV channel is allowed to […]

The Glen Hoddle Clinical Finishing Index. And Arsenal.

Stat of the Week: The Glen Hoddle Clinical Finishing Index

By J B Harwood

A few weeks ago one of the Sky Sports favourite pundits was waxing lyrical about Arsenal. How pleasing on the eye they are, the quality of their play, everyone’s second favourite team… the usual diatribe. You could feel a “but” coming […]

Vote for the players in Arsenal’s Golden 30, to determine who will make it next year

Over the past two weeks visitors to this august and hallowed site have been selecting and rejecting Arsenal’s Golden 30 – the players who have not yet established themselves in the first team, but might do so in the coming year or two.

You can see the whole list of them, with some of the […]

Just how corrupt would you like refs to be? Birmingham v Arsenal revisisted

By Walter Broeckx

This week Howard Webb has taken away the last doubts. He will be the English ref that will go to the World cup in South Africa. This week he has done everything to deserve this but before I go to details I will tell you how FAs over the world hand the […]

You can be miserable and say we were all deluded, or celebrate a great run

After six straight wins a draw feels like a defeat, especially with the invented club from across London beating a very poor Villa side.

But, remember. Six straight wins, and then one draw.

That’s not a desparate situation – that is a terrific run. And all done without Van Persie, who is beyond doubt our […]

Birmingham away: through a time vortex we bring the teams and the result all before it happens.

By Phil Gregory

Next up is Birmingham away, a match with more than enough plotlines for a football game, but more on that later.

I was talking to a mate about the league run-in (a United fan, unfortunately) and we agreed that it is rapidly resembling a knockout competition. The old cliché of “every game […]

Robin van Persie says he will reconsider his priorities

By Walter Broeckx of the Arsenal Benelux Supporters’ Club

After what seemed to be ages the return of Robin Van Persie comes nearer.

This week the manager revealed that our striker could be two weeks at the best away from real involvement in games. Last weekend Robin Van Persie was on Dutch TV and he […]

Arsenal prepare to play Satan’s own team.

Billy the Dog McGraw, landlord of the Toppled Bollard, Islington, looks forward to another exciting encounter.

Interview by Dennis Bergkamp

Translation by Iva Goodidea of Whatsgoingon

Birmingham City FC are the official team of Satan, the Devil, the Horned Beast, Beelzebub.

They were founded as Small Heath Alliance and Leicester Building […]

How big a Gooner are you really? Time to check your commitment to the cause

By Cape Gooner

Give yourself a 10 if you strongly agree, a zero if you strongly disagree or any integer in between.

1. I would not replace RvP with Torres, Drogba or Rooney

2. I would not replace Cesc with Gerrard or Lampard

3. I would not replace Song with Essien

4. I would not […]

Arshavin hoax sinks whole of Fleet Street and beyond

Arshavin is the Arsenal hitman who celebrates scoring goals by putting his finger over his lips, indicating for people to be quiet.

So we found ourselves entering the start of one of the best football hoaxes of the last few years.

I’ve been charting football hoaxes on Untold almost since we started, and we’ve had […]

Exclusive: Arsenal’s big money summer transfer – revealed by Untold Arsenal

Is Wenger doing the trick once again? By Walter Broeckx

.We all know that if Wenger wants to buy a player who shows great prospect he is willing to do something special.

The story on how Wenger beat SAF when he signed Aaron Ramsey right under his nose is well known. Ramsey who had been […]

Arsenal’s Golden 30: an update on our list of brilliant young players

I started this list the other day, just because I wanted to try and get my head around all the names of young players that crop up.

There was some laughter and criticism of my efforts – laughter because I managed to get people in twice, and criticism because it was said that and […]

Heysel: 25 years on. The view from Belgium

By Walter Broeckx

I remember the day that Belgium had it’s greatest tragedy in football history very well. I know it was a very bright and sunny day. As I worked in the office of an industrial laundry at that time and we had a lot of hotels in Brussels as clients we had a […]

Exclusive: the real reason why Watmore resigned from the FA

The Football Association chief executive resigned on 18th March 2010 after about nine months in the job. Like virtually all of his recent predecssors he has simply thrown in the towel once he realised the enormity of the problem the FA faces.

No reason has been given for his departure, and at the moment I […]

Arsenal’s Golden 30. There’s so many brilliant reserves we need a new training centre


Untold recently published some thoughts on the players who are part of the club and could be on the edge of breaking through. I asked for gaps in the list to be completed and for the details of loans, along with thoughts on the future to be added.

Below is a simple […]

Chelsea slip, we march on, and the crucified return from the dead

By Walter Broeckx

Today was a day that some players have answered some critics they have been receiving for a while now.

I want to start with the player that left the field in tears just over one year ago. Eboue. After that he had is horror display at the Lane, not helped by the […]

Arsenal 10 men 2, West Porno 14 men 0

West Porno United, named after their owners, threw everything at Arsenal in this game, and then some.

We expected rotational fouling – it is what the lesser clubs do, and we got it. We expected the referee (their 12th man) and his linos (13th and 14th) to do their bit in letter it go – […]

Next season the stadia will be empty, so we’d better enjoy the noise now


According to the chitter chatter of a million journalists trying to catch up with last year’s stories, up to one in four season ticket holders at EPL clubs are considering not renewing for next season in a bid to cut costs, according to a survey published today. And Manchester IOU are going to put […]

Arsenal v West Ham. The build up, the teams, the result, the fun


Phil Gregory on Arsenal v West Ham United


Morning Untold.

We’re straight onto the next cup final with the Hammers coming to the Emirates on Saturday, but first a quick word on the Hull game.

As a longtime Bendtner fan, life hasn’t always been easy for me. I had a huge argument about […]

Next season’s amazing wizard as Arsenal win the quadruple

I know that this is what we should debate in the summer when bugger all happens but it just sprang to my mind as I contemplated in amazement the fact that we have more midfielders than we need for the game against those jolly chappies from the chippy eastern province.

Next season we will have […]

Liverpool Me and You. The club we all part own sinks deeper into the mire.


A few weeks ago I put up a list of all the EPL clubs with thoughts on their finances. Now I’m trying to do some updates club by club. Here’s more on Liverpool- and this time I want to try and put forward a different idea. One that says that the way a club […]