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March 2011

Next season’s new players: the complete guide (well almost)

By Tony Attwood

Reading some of the commentaries on web sites concerning all the players Arsenal absolutely must buy this summer, it looks to me as if a lot of commentators don’t want to see any players from our junior ranks being promoted this year.

Which is a bit of a shame, because I think […]

Is a penalty a penalty? Not always with Arsenal

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By Walter Broeckx

A legendary manager in Belgium used to say in his Brussels tongue “pinanty is pinanty” which means in English: “a penalty is a penalty”. For those interested in who said this it was Raymond Goethals, former manager of the […]

The FA is near insolvency; Sir F Word has a laugh, media don’t get it.

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By Billy “the Dog” McGraw, gratefully released back into the community.

For our old pals at UEFA Arsenal is seen as the ultimate football club in terms of financial probity. We are the Gods. The people what gets it right. The moral […]

Beyond the shame; Calciopoli hits as Arsenal’s next home match is fixed.

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By Walter Broeckx

So the news is out. Phil Dowd will be the ref for our next home game against Blackburn.

Other people on this site will bring you statistical evidence on how bad he is as a ref for Arsenal. […]

Has the summer already started?

By Walter Broeckx

Are we June already? Just checking my calendar and it still is only March. Okay, I admit we near April but still there is a big gap between now and the transfer period. Yet, Barcelona is talking again about Cesc. Not much news you could say. They are talking always about Cesc […]

This web site is not intended to be unbiased

A moment’s reflection on life, politics, bias, blogs, commentary, motoring, tackling, football and the Daily Mail

By Tony Attwood

Every now and then Arsène Wenger speaks out on the tackles that Arsenal players suffer, and saying they should not be allowed in the game. Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey are examples that we all know.

What then […]

So far so good

By Walter Broeckx

As there is not really anything happening at Arsenal I will give a short impression of the past days in regards of some Arsenal players.

Half way through the international break and so far so good for Arsenal.

The only scare we had so far was the moment when Bendtner hurt […]

There are no easy run ins

By Walter Broeckx

As we approach the final dash to the finish line after the international break I think it would be good thing to compare the games the top 3 has to play.

I will include Chelsea in this because after beating Manchester City they might be in it with a chance. But if […]

Defeats: who is to blame and who not?

By Walter Broeckx

The victory has many fathers, defeat is an orphan is a well know idiom in my part of the world.

So to pass the time a bit I thought it could be interesting to see with which team we started when we lost our 5 games in the league so far. So […]

Arsenal on the up or just floundering?

Arsenal on the up or just floundering?

by Tony Attwood

As we all know, there are two types of Arsenal supporters. Those who think that everything that Arsène Wenger does is a disaster, and those who feel that he is very much on the right track.

Which camp you are in depends to […]

Red Football Ventures loses rather a large amount of money.

By Tony Attwood

Man U’s parent company Red Football has delivered a record pre-tax deficit for the year ended 30 June. Last year it made a £21m profit largely due to the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £80m.

This year the company suffered the £64.7m cost related to the setting up of […]

The Untold Injury Index 23 March

Untold Injury Index – Gameweek 30

By Dale Higginbottom

It has been said that a week is a long time in politics, well, two weeks is certainly a long time in football injuries. It’s been two weeks since the last injury update and we’ve had a lot of players pick up knocks and niggles.

Just […]

The international break, good for once?

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By Walter Broeckx

Will Uefa/Fifa save Arsenal this season?

This might be a bit of a weird question to ask because in the past we have only suffered from all kind of international games. Most of the time half of our team […]

Emirates bound

Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

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By Busker Brian

I was walking down the street today, listening to a busker singing this refrain to the tune of Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel.

He moved me to tears

His name was Busker Brian

I was sittin’ in the […]

What a strange season it is

Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

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By Walter Broeckx

What a strange season we are seeing this time around. In fact when you take a look at the league after the same number of games compared to now you can see a few surprising things.

Let us start […]

The Real achievement at the Lane

The Real achievement at the Lane

By Ian Trevett

It hasn’t been much fun reading some of the posts on less supportive Arsenal sites this week, with lots of vitriol aimed at the boss and various players. However, there was a short post on Arsenal Insider that really took my eye. It went along the […]

Untold ref review : WBA – Arsenal sour grapes or not?

By Walter Broeckx, the biased untold ref according to some but not to others..

So for the second time we had ref Stuart Atwell this season. Last time a comfortable win this time a draw. What did I make of the ref? Just read on if you want.

Min Type Decision C/NC points weight on […]

The one and only Untold Refwatch – even more amazing than ever before

RefWatch – West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal (19/03/2011 15:00)

By DogFace

Referee: Stuart Attwell Assistant 1: Peter Kirkup Assistant 2: Martin Yerby 4th Official: Stuart Attwell

Good morning stat-fans and welcome to RefWatch!

It’s been a busy week for me this week – pressures at work, working with a stats man (Zach Slaton from […]

The Untold match preview: WBA – Arsenal

By Phil Gregory

A disappointing result against Manchester United in the FA Cup feels a long time ago but the fixture list reveals it was in fact last Saturday. This slower life is something the Arsenal fan will have to get used to: with our involvement in the cups over for this season, we’ll have […]

The difference between what is said and what is meant

By Walter Broeckx

Here we go again. What is the matter with some part of our fans? Do they have no brains? Or are they just like me from other parts of the world where English is not their mother language and so they misunderstand things?

But even I as a non-English speaker can grab […]

Barking mad: the story of football, DNA and some very young boys

By Father Brian

Now on day release, Father Brian who still maintains his innocence has embarked on a journey of self discovery. His interest in boys is well documented (HM Govt vs. Fr. B Murphy 2009) but bravely he has decided to attempt to lift the sheets on the secretive world of La Mafia. This […]

Our new boy Ryodinho, a special talent (although not in England)

By Walter Broeckx

Some of us had high expectations on Wellington Silva who would join Arsenal in January. But as he didn’t get a work permit he was send on loan to Spain.

A bit under the radar was the signing of Ryo Miyaichi. Some knew he had done a trial last year then went […]

Are Premier League matches fixed? The final proof. Part 2.

Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

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By Tony Attwood

This article follows (rather logically I thought given that it is called “part 2”) from part one which is here.

The first step towards resolving the issues raised in part one must be to ask what we feel […]

Are Premier League matches fixed? A review of the evidence

By Tony Attwood

Consider Mark Clattenburg. He is 35, and one of 16 select group officials that run EPL games.

He is the guy who failed to punish Wayne Rooney for the elbow against Wigan Athletic’s James McCarthy. Then he gave Fulham a penalty against Blackburn Rovers that not everyone was convinced by.

If […]

Now is the time to support our team

By Walter Broeckx

Losing to United is not a pleasant thing. I don’t like it. Losing to Barcelona, and certainly the way the ref threw a shadow over the second game is very frustrating. I don’t like it at all. But do we have to throw all and everyone over board? Let me just give […]