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Arsenal anniversaries for 21 July (posted here as the History site is broken)

Every day on the website of the Arsenal History Society, there appears a list of Arsenal (and a few non-Arsenal) anniversaries for that day.

We are currently in the process of converting that website ( from http:// to https// which is a technical thing I don’t understand but those people who charge me lots of […]

Arsenal’s tour squad, who’s leaving, who’s loaning, & the oldest ground

Bulldog Drummond

So now we know what’s what. For the International Champions Cup Arsenal have these hearty young men representing them… Monreal is still not back from the world cup whatnot, so we’ll have to do without him. But otherwise the list is nearly complete.

Here’s the list…

In Goal: Cech, Leno, Martinez

At […]

The old “Arsenal get injuries” game returns with the same old fake stats.

by Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw. University College Hospital of the North Circular Road.

Arsenal have appointed Mikhail Zhilkin as a data scientist working under the direction of the director of high performance Darren Burgess. Allegedly his remit will include analyzing injury data.

And as the newspapers get around to covering the story so […]

Arsenal in the International Champions Cup: how on earth does it work?

By Tony Attwood

The International Champions Cup has been kicking around for six years in what has often appeared to be a fairly incomprehensible format which leads to confusion as to who, if anyone, actually won the trophy each time it is played.

This summer, it is held in the USA, Singapore and parts of […]

Is Monreal really leaving? A lack of alternatives could be worrying.

By Roger Miller

Arsenal could be shorn of the services of fan favourite Nacho Monreal after he was heavily linked with a move back to Spain. The left-back was one of the few Gunners stars to emerge with any credit from a dismal 2017/18 campaign as he impressed with some solid displays.

He […]

Transfer window gone wrong: how PL clubs blundered with the early closure

by Tony Attwood

While we have been trying to work out how Arsenal are going to get the squad numbers down to the requisite 25 players with no more than 17 non-HGs, most of the media has been continuing talking about who is going to be bought, without any regard for the regulations.

And this […]

Forthcoming games, the touring party, and what happens after we leave the EU?

By Tony Attwood

We have, to the best of my knowledge, four tour matches coming up…

26 July Atlético Madrid (National Stadium, Singapore) 28 July Paris Saint-Germain (National Stadium, Singapore) 1 August Chelsea (Aviva Stadium, Dublin) 4 August Sevilla (Friends Arena, Stockholm)

That’s not the most of any club, as Liverpool and Man U play […]

Arsenal v Crawley Town; the team for our 2nd game reveals for sure who is leaving.

By Bulldog Drummond

There are secrets and there are secrets, and there is Crawley Town vs Arsenal. Attempts were made by the media to do a preview as with the headline from which says “Arsenal vs Crawley Town Complete Head to Head Statistics” The page is full of zeros.

But I am sure we […]

Arsenal in the Checkatrade. How it works is subject to Rule! error. Or so they say.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal are taking part in the Checkatrade Trophy with “Matchday 1” or “the first match as it is known in English” being in the week commencing Monday 3 September 2018.

After that there are occasional games played from time to time. The second set of games (known in modern parlance as “Matchday […]

12 transfer updates, four new names. The 108 players rumoured to be coming to Arsenal.

According to reports – that old standby – it looks like we have just signed another player –Joel Lopez a man of many ages.

As we come to update the list of players linked with Arsenal we find that now we have reached 107 stories during this transfer window.

In today’s list we have […]

Arsenal needs to sell or loan out seven, just to be able to bring in one more player!

By Tony Attwood

Jack Wilshere has gone as we all know, and there has been much talk of others leaving, but few players if any actually seem to be on their way out. Meanwhile there is still constant chatter about more and more and more signings being in the offing.

So there’s four things I […]

Sánchez refused admission, Meyer on a free?

By Tony Attwood

It is a day of snippets, of bits and pieces, of oddities and vagaries.

Like the fact that having finally had a summer where he has not been playing football all the way through and so has had a proper rest, Alexis Sanchez hasn’t been able to go to the USA with […]

Dear Arsenal Supporter, you are being brainwashed

By Tony Attwood

From the off Untold has argued that football reporting via the mainstream media is warped. Broadcasters agreed with football authorities not to cover certain issues, such as the quality of refereeing. Under pressure from the authorities all agreed and only one or two rocked the boat. Alan Green on BBC radio, and […]

Seven fantasies, 11 nightmares and Ramsey’s agent tweets “keep making the stuff up”.

By Tony Attwood

Since the WC final there’s been a perfect example in the today of how different papers can take totally different positions when it comes to the same event. The Guardian has been full of headlines about how the French nation rejoiced at their victory in the world cup, and celebrated the […]

All the things we didn’t learn from the world cup.

By….Don McMahon

Well its all over and done with…..France beat a courageous but outclassed Croatia, there were blunders galore, the pundits literally burst their seams with pointless and repetitive ¨observations¨ about who was and wasn’t the cock of the walk this particular match, etc.

One observation I didn’t hear was […]

Arsenal to sign 15 year old and flagrantly break all international rules according to reports.

By Tony Attwood

What annoys me – and annoys me a lot – is when lazy journalism means that football stories are published without any reference to relevant context.

For example, stories about Arsenal signing all sorts of players continue, even though the club has now reached the £70m limit that the media […]

As the demands increase for Arsenal to spend spend and then again, here’s who’s bought whom.

By Tony ATtwood

Here is a list of PL clubs for the coming season showing the amount spent, how many players have been bought, and in the case of the top six clubs in the league last season, who has been bought.

Club Amount spent No of players Names Arsenal £71.4m 5 Lichsteiner (zero) Leno […]

Arsenal in crisis as the media even struggle to find make believe stories! Is this the end?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

A certain football journalist — for such men, I regret to say, do exist — has made the remark that my last column contained ‘all the same football transfer rumours stories but just with different players’ names inserted’. I have asked the secret police to do him over (once they have […]

Boreham Wood – Arsenal 0 – 8. The Untold report

By Walter Broeckx

It has been a (long) while but here I am finally back again in action on Untold. The first match of a new era and I must say I feel as excited as…. well as excited as I was each season when we started again with playing some real football. I couldn’t […]

Boreham Wood against Arsenal: (a very inexperienced) running commentary of the first half!

By Tony Attwood

Please note that because I thought Walter would not be covering the match I tried to write a commentary as it went along, but believe me it is much much harder than it looks to do it.

As with everyone else I lost the feed in the second half and so stopped […]

Football is back in WD6 5AL. Enjoy the game! Here’s the Arsenal team.

By Bulldog Drummond

In case you don’t get to matches at Arsenal Stadium, let me explain. As the game is about to get underway the stadium announcer announces, as announcers tend to do, in an excited voice, “Football is back in N5, enjoy the game!” so I thought we’d use it today, although it took […]

Arsenal in the summer: why a poor pre-season could be just what we want.

by Tony Attwood

2002/3 had been an ok year – we had ended up second in the league, five points off the leaders Manchester United but nine point above Newcastle in third.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Manchester United 38 25 8 5 74 34 40 83 2 Arsenal […]

Boreham Wood v Arsenal all the players we’ll see plus videos of recent encounters.

By Bulldog Drummond

Trying to get background and history on this fixture is tough. For example, visit google and you find “Boreham Wd 0 – 2 Arsenal – Match Report & Highlights – Sky Sports” which takes to a page headlined Results Friday 13th July 2001 which contains nothing of the kind. Are they trying […]

As the season starts: Update on Arsenal Youngsters, Women and the PGMO referees

by Andrew Crawshaw

Recruitment at Arsenal has been going on for all levels at the Club, and we are starting to see some outgoings as well.

Starting with the Scholars there have been some notable additions. Scholars are those players who receive a full education as well as their football training. Players enter the academy […]

Boreham Wood v Arsenal. Football’s coming home. At last.

By Bulldog Drummond

Apparently, tomorrow in Glasgow there will be a capacity 50,000 crowd at Ibrox for the match between Rangers and the might giants of Macedonia: FK Shkupi of Macedonia.

There won’t be such a crowd for Arsenal’s opener against Boreham Wood but I think the match is pretty much sold out, and it […]