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Supposing it had been Arsenal not England who lost to the minnows last night. What then…

By Tony Attwood

England has a population of 53 million. Croatia has a population of 4 million. England have a country co-efficient calculated by Uefa that puts them second in European standings. Croatia is 16th.

Croatia has the problem of all their best players playing overseas. England was the only country in this WC that […]

The transfers of the top six clubs in the Premier League and across Europe

By Tony Attwood

The activity figures are looking a bit more usual, but only a bit. As we shall see there are certain imbalances in spending which are different from anything we have seen before.

Here is the chart for the top six clubs using such data as we can find across the media.

Club […]

Boreham Wood v Arsenal this weekend. Who will be available for Arsenal as football returns?

By Bulldog Drummond

It seems months since Arsenal last played a game, and it literally has been months. You’ll recall the end of Mr Wenger’s reign I’m sure…

Date Game Res Score Competition 06 May 2018 Arsenal v Burnley W 5-0 Premier League 09 May 2018 Leicester City v Arsenal L 3-1 Premier League 13 […]

We seem to have spent the £70m transfer budget. Have we covered everything?

By Tony Attwood

Back in April it was widely reported that Arsenal were limited to a transfer budget of £50m. Then at the end of May it was said that Arsenal had had their budget increased to £70m. And that is where the figure has stayed ever since – unless we made a big money […]

Some transfer stories make no sense while others are like the wheels on the bus

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I have been remiss, for I have failed in the past to dedicate my regular transfer column to all the “journalists” (I use the word lightly) of the various bloggettas and newspapers (I again, use terms without a clear definition) from the mighty Foot Lond with its 40 Arsenal stories a […]

EXCLUSIVE: The complete list of the 104 players Arsenal are said to be signing this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Last time around we passed the 100 mark with transfers. And if previous seasons are anything to go by all the media will pile in one day ahead of the transfers that are actually happening, and then do the “As reported in the Daily Gibber” thing as if to suggest […]

Who are Arsenal buying? Opinion, it seems, is divided.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

So what’s what and who’s who, whose coming whose going and all that sort of caper….

The big ongoing story of the day is that Lucas Torreira “will be joining Arsenal very soon”. That is what it says in Arsenal Fever, and loads of other places.

The other one that keeps […]

The nation goes bonkers but no one can tell the difference

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Never have I seen anything like it. Not once, not ever! Upon finishing my nap upon the Saturday afternoon I took what I expected to be a gentle motor across England green and pleasant rolling hills from Imperial Rutland to the megalopolis of Leicester that home of the working man.


A year ago I stopped watching football on TV. Nothing changed except I have more money.

by Tony Attwood

There were several reasons why I stopped watching football on TV: the cost of my subscriptions to Sky Sports and BT Sports was getting ludicrous, and my anger at the way Arsenal was portrayed by both media were enough, but when I took the step last August I did so in the […]

What else is on beside the daily jamboree in the WC?

by Tony Attwood

There are articles on some of the web sites of the English national media that have been on their sites for weeks. They are kept there to make it look as if there really is some new news around what Barney Ronay in the Guardian calls “the ceaseless clamour around an ever-more […]

The factual list of your actual transfers and no exaggeration!

By Sir Hardly Anyone

What makes a football journalist? It is tempting to think of her or him as a layabout who stumbles from the public house to the computer, bashes out some wild story and then stumbles back.

But maybe we have got this wrong. What if the football journalist was doing this […]

The Arsenal and The Arsenal: two realities, no communication, worlds apart.

By Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw, senior psychologist at the University College Hospital of the North Circular Road with apologies to China Miéville.

There are two Arsenal’s: The Arsenal and The Arsenal. They sit next to each other but to each the other does not exist. You cannot be in both and cannot easily travel […]

Arsenal sign Greenwood, Europa begins, Man C out of players, vicars upset, ineffable Kane

By Tony Attwood

It’s funny to think that the draw for the opening round of the European competitions has already been made, while the WC is plodding along as the media and governments make it clear they have no concerns about the corruption and fraud associated with the organisers.

Anyway in exactly one week the […]

England v Sweden: the Untold prediction. Will our run of correct predictions continue?

By Bulldog Drummond

If you have been reading Untold regularly you’ll know three things about Untold and international football. The first is that we don’t care for it because of it is run by the mafia-like Fifa and allows the mainstream media to idolise corruption, theft and violence – all of which are associated with […]

Let the negativity begin. Blogs drop their pro-Emery stance with a vengeance and we’re back to the knocking

By Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw

There is something odd about the way the bloggettas work. The march not exactly to one beat, but with an emphasis that they all seem to understand. Then almost without a clear sign the beat changes and positivity moves to negativity.

So it has been in the last few […]

Squad news plus Emile Smith Rowe – another name to add to our Cup team

By Tony Attwood

I don’t follow World Cup football largely because I don’t approve of Fifa. Not some high and mighty one man boycott so much as the fact that I don’t feel drawn to the whole thing.

But Blacksheep texted me to say that all the Arsenal players apart from Danny Welbeck are now […]

Untold’s predictions for England results and scores: five out of six right.

By Bulldog Drummond

Doing predictions of scores for England international matches is not exactly what Untold is about – after all we’ve railed against the FA, its ineptitude and its catastrophic spending of taxpayers’ money for ten years. Not to mention the campaign against Fifa which the FA continues to fund and support, exactly as […]

So the defence is sorted. Now what about Arsenal’s attack and midfield?

by Tony Attwood

I have been writing a few rambling pieces of late about the defence, reflecting the arrival of our new men. My general point is that playing four at the back we have a wide choice of players – enough to cover for injuries, and to put out a different but still very […]

The deal is done: so what does that mean for Arsenal’s defence?

by Tony Attwood

Arsenal have apparently completed the signing of Sokratis Papastathopoulos from Borussia Dortmund for a fee of €20m.

He was, as you may have read, at Dortmund with Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and on his signing Sokratis said, “They said to me the best things about this club, that it is one […]

Who Arsenal are buying suggests Mr Emery is going to continue to target the cups, not the league

by Tony Attwood

As we know from keeping tabs on player transfer rumours in recent years the mongers go on mongering inside and outside the windows, irrespective of how many players we have in each position.

They are also (as in previous years) talking up more and more stories without any regard to either the […]

Number of players tipped to be signing for Arsenal this summer reaches 101

by Sir Hardly Anyone

Journalists who announce transfer rumours as the truth, researched by themselves through utlilising their deep rooted set of contacts are, in my view, not to be trusted as far as I could throw them, and I am a poor thrower of people, lacking both distance and control.

These fellas have […]

Does the FA need more anti-foreigner regulations to help England do better? The evidence.

By Tony Attwood

The World Cup is wonderful. OK it is run by Fifa one of the most appalling groups of gangsters and crooks operating on a worldwide basis. But that aside, the World Cup is wonderful. OK the English team is run by the FA, an organisation that has consistently refused to say where […]

Telling Chambers to leave, admitting Fellaini was a lie, selling Monreal. It’s all in the drainpipes today.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Can you imagine the mind of the journalist whose job it is to invent football transfer rumours and pretend then that he is reporting reality. He must delve into his subconscious hour after hour to make up this goo, and believe me the subconscious of a journalist is not the place […]