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June 2018
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The size of Brazil, Bellerin’s diet, and provoking the general public.

By Tony Attwood

It is said that Article 54 of the Fifa disciplinary code outlaws the “provoking the general public”, an offence that carries a two-match ban.

Clearly Fifa have not been following their own disciplinary code since I can think of a whole range of events and incidents of Fifa, not to mention […]

Arsenal’s four big signings: how they fit in the squad and the HG rules

By Tony Attwood

One of the problems with transfer rumours is that they tend to be confined, in the reporting thereof, to issues relating to an individual player, and not to the team as a whole. It is not always thus, but this is the tendency.

If we take Lucas Torreira he is variously described […]

Transfers – more Arsenal activity on the way? The punditry certainly think so although..

by Sir Hardly Anyone

There has been a major change of late in pundit reporting as we have moved from “linked to” to “serious talks in progress” within their endlessly inventive minds.

In terms of players leaving, the pun-dits have now had a major issue removed from their discussion sheets as we all know Jack […]

Arsenal’s first team for 2018/19, and why have Arsenal sacked the travel manager?

By Tony Attwood

It was upon this day last year that Walter and Blacksheep combined to hi-jack this site and publish a birthday greeting to me, so it was with a fraction of hesitation this morning that I opened the trusty laptop to check the site. But as I suspected both gentlemen have more style […]

England v Panama. Can the Untold system predict the score

By Bulldog Drummond

Having predicted the England score correctly for the nation’s first World Cup match in the finals, I am emboldened to try it again, using the very simple system we’ve used over the last couple of seasons of looking at runs of results.

All runs come to an end of course, so the […]

Arsenal will win EPL and Europa League

By Chayasai

Two of the top three targets that can be achieved at Arsenal this season are, if not winning the EPL, that they must finish in the top 3 and secondly, must win the Europa League and finally, the third target: the F A Cup.

Let no one tell us that all these are […]

The Arsenal Goalkeepers – how many do Arsenal need, and who will be first choice?

by Andrew Crawshaw

I believe that Arsenal currently have eleven goalkeepers at the club who will be looking to play for the U18 team or higher. Here is a quick breakdown of them in descending order of age :-

DOB Team HG Contract Expiry Petr Cech 5/20/82 First N 6/30/19 David Ospina 8/31/88 First N […]

 Just 50 days to go: which clubs are spending, which are selling?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The last day of buying for PL clubs is August 9 and the last day of selling is August 31 as usual. Which means that there are 50 days to go.

So far the spending of the top six PL clubs from last season, according to figures published by the Guardian, […]

The Arsenal youngsters destined to become household names

By Tony Attwood, with data from Andrew Crawshaw

I suspect most Arsenal fans have a particular affection for players who come up through the club from a young age and make it into the first team. Perhaps doubly so when they are so evidently Arsenal born and bred as Jack Wilshere. Which is what makes […]

In out in out: Arsenal’s 25 starts to take shape; but sadly, Farewell Jack.

By Tony Attwood

So Jack is on the way out, after a long wait before confirming. He leaves in 10 days time.

He is said to have stated that he was leaving because, “playing time would be significantly reduced” under the club’s new manager, Unai Emery. Fit and at his best he was an […]

Arsenal get their keeper and pundits behave like 10 year olds

By Tony Attwood

The general consensus is that Arsenal have signed Bernd Leno for an initial €22m, from Bayer Leverkusen.

As we have noted before he is not in the current Germany squad although was in the squad for the Confederations Cup last year. It is reported that he will sign a five-year contract with […]

Untold predicts England’s score exactly using simple but slightly scientific method

By Bulldog Drummond

If I may, I shall repeat my conclusion from the last gambling article…

“Up to you of course but I think I’d go for 2-1, with a secondary bet of 2-0 – in both cases an England win.”

My exact words. No editorial fiddling. Straight from the mouth of the horse, as […]

Why is VAR being criticised so thoroughly, but the lack of FA refs not being mentioned?

By Tony Attwood

Of course the workings of journalists is a law unto itself. But consider this. If VAR is used four times in a match and accurately corrects the referee twice, then it means the accuracy of refereeing the game has gone up.

But that isn’t good enough for some people, who seem to […]

Powered by fantasy: the media’s list of 95 players Arsenal are going to sign.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It is a vintage week for updating previous rumours with more rumours: but tougher going in terms of finding new players to add to the list. Surely it couldn’t be that having rushed so far ahead at the beginning of the window we are not going to reach the 120 player […]

First three transfers sorted? Ex-player banned from ground, keeper not coming? Keeper going!

by Sir Hardly Anyone

There is a general certainty that Arsenal have got the 1-2-3 of transfers sorted.

The Stephan Lichtsteiner deal is all done and dusted and by and large there is agreement that the Sokratis Papastathopoulos signing will be announced in July once the club have reached agreement with him on how […]

Gambling on football matches: is there really a way to make it pay? Let’s try with England.

By Bulldog Drummond

In the early days of Untold Arsenal we regularly ran a match preview looking at the betting deals on offer and where the best offer was. But sadly our correspondent moved on, for wholly understandable reasons (and remember, Untold doesn’t pay its writers, so eventually most of us decide they’ve done their […]

Would you believe it? After 2 years of hating Xhaka the media change their minds!

By Tony Attwood

There was a time – quite a long time in fact – when anyone daring to write or say something positive about Xhaka would be howled down. So great were the howlings at times that vampire slayers would gather around the east end of London at dusk in the hope of a […]

Some players 1st game after the world cup will be… an international match

By Tony Attwood

For some players, the first game they will play after the world cup is going to be… an international for their country. This insanity comes about because of the scheduling dominance of Fifa over all else.

Assuming that players do get a month’s holiday in the summer as they are supposed to […]

Arsenal secure 7th biggest transfer of the window in “£50m swoop”

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Figures compiled by the Guardian newspaper show that thus far the Premier League is outspending its four main rivals in terms of new players, but not but quite as much as has happened in the past.

Here are the figures in pounds…

Premier League: £286.4m Bundesliga: £232.50m Serie A: £228.5m La […]

FFP is still out there but just dozing in the corner while football deals with anyone with money.

by Tony Attwood

A totally corrupt organisation holds a big event in a country that has been cited repeatedly for interfering in elections elsewhere, killing people on foreign soil, and other dubious stuff. Meanwhile a taxpayer funded body in England prepares to throw money at the whole thing by pitching to run the event itself […]

Funny ol game: crazy Fifa bid, clubs breaking up, fans order new manager, Jack ponders

by Tony Attwood

There are some truly frightening stories around at the moment, the most awful of which is the notion that England are preparing to bid for the world cup finals again. Not content with having throw millions of pounds of taxpayers money at Fifa last time around, and clearly aware that Fifa remains […]

Are our fixtures bent against us and Palace enter a time warp for a couple of minutes.

By Tony Attwood

It is always interesting how things go around; a couple of years ago we had a big debate about how Arsenal always did badly in November – the press were full of it at the time.

There is also this year a fair old recognition (for a change) that maybe it is […]

Who’s going where, and what the Jack the Ripper crew are making of Chelsea.


By Sir Hardly Anyone

Here is the list of ins and outs for the clubs that came in the top six positions in the PL last season as recorded by the Guardian on the constant chart of such things. As can be seen they count Torreira as being signed already, this being the general […]

Where next for Arsene Wenger?

By Camilla Hallam


It has been a somewhat surreal feeling in North London these past few weeks since the announcement of Arsene Wenger’s departure from the Gunners. The suave, sophisticated Frenchman has been something of an institution at Arsenal and helped bring the club into the 21st century both on and off the […]

Yacine Adli gets the Jack the Ripper treatment from the media and Leno becomes catch of the day

By Sir Hardly Anyone

And the number of players who are definitely absolutely and completely certainly joining Arsenal is growing by the minute as website after website now report that in addition to

Lucas Torreira (age 22, and of Uruguayan nationality) from Sampdoria for £26.4m Stephan Lichtsteiner age 34 attacking right back or wing back […]