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Which loan player will come back next season and play for us?

By Tony Attwood

Each season, as always tells us, players go out on loan. Sadly, not many come back to make an impression, but we always hope some will. Here’s a roundup of those who are still on our books.

1: Ignasi Miquel

He started 11 games for Leicester and came on as a […]

“We start each season with a handicap.” Sagna speaks of Wenger, journalists and his feelings

By Walter Broeckx

For this article I have translated an interview that was printed in the French paper L’Equipe; the leading French newspaper when it comes to sports. And one that is rather very well informed when it comes to things about Arsenal most of the time.

And in this interview we see a few […]

Goodwill to all men (except that is the supporters of other football clubs)

Goodwill to all men (except that is the supporters of other football clubs)

By Blacksheep

Some time ago broadcaster, Millwall fan and jolly good egg (IMHO) Danny Baker remarked that he was uncomfortable with rival football fans saying nice things about each other’s teams. He prefers the ‘norm’ where we all look to see how […]


THE END OF AN ERA…….by Don McMahon

Well,well,well…..I now realise why I wear diapers when watching the Arsenal, especially in the Cup! What a game of two halves. Fortunately ESPN showed the game on TV and I was able to follow every kick, goal, referee decision and celebration like I was seated in Wembley.

I […]

The start of a new era. A time for celebration and remembrance

By Walter Broeckx

The barren years because of Arsenal building the best stadium in England coming together with the arrival of the new super rich clubs baked by outside money are over.

Untold has been asking for calm and patience and said that the good times will come back.

We have been ridiculed, abused, insulted, […]

Camaraderie and thanks. Memories that will live on

By Arvind

I watched the dressing room celebrations on Arsenal Player today and it was wonderful to watch the camaraderie among everyone there.

Probably most winning dressing rooms are that way, but there’s only one that I care about. Arsenal. The end.

And I loved it. For those who know me well, I’m not the […]

Flying banners – is it helpful?

By Tony Attwood

Having already seen “Wrong One – Moyes Out” fly over Old Trafford just when David Moyes was booking his summer holiday ticket, and later “United 20 Gerrard 0” flitting over New Anfield at the end of the season, Manchester United fans seem to have found their way in taunting other teams […]

Untold Arsenal is back; I’m sorry we went.

I know it must be incredibly frustrating for you when Untold goes down. And I am sure you can imagine the horror and anxiety that attacks me each time it happens.

When I turned on my machine at work this morning and saw the number of attempted entries onto the site by hackers I feared […]

2013/14: The Season the Media Got Everything Wrong (as Always)

2013/14: The Season the Media Got Everything Wrong (as Always)

By Bootoomee


That’s right; my summary of the 2013/14 season is that it is the season that the media got it all wrong. There are very few things that I love more than the media being wrong, so I have enjoyed this […]

Time for Arsenal, Everton or Man U to think about a complaint

By Tony Attwood . If you have been reading regularly you will know that Untold has covered FFP in some detail – and had a lot of complaints, not to say abuse from Man City and one or two Leicester fans who have accused us (well mostly me) of all sorts of heinous crimes […]

Winning the FA cup from within the Emirates

By Walter Broeckx

When I started my trip to London and thinking about the match I hoped that we would trash Hull and score a few early goals and then make it a walk in the park. After having been in Wembley for the semi final and feeling the tension from pitch side I could […]

It’s been a whole day since Arsenal won anything, surely it’s time for Wenger to go

By Tony Attwood

For those of us with the good fortune to be there, it was something special, and by and large the day was a fair example of just where football support has got to

On Saturday morning I turned on BBC Five Live – nothing something I do often at the weekend as […]

The Final

A very good day to you all! I’ll keep it short, as there are better things to be doing on a beautiful day in the merry-month-of-May.

I slept in my Arsenal shirt last night – my only Arsenal shirt I hasten to add. I knew full well I’d have to wear it today, but I […]

Untold FA cup final day live blog

by Walter Broeckx

This article will be updated from time to time. I will try to take you along with me on my trip, share my emotions with you, tell you about remarkable things or dull things. I hope to have a good day and I hope you will feel a bit like being with […]

Who will play at Wembley? Walter’s preview before preparing for the 5am start.

By Walter Broeckx

With the final final match of the season just 24 hours in front of us it is a bit strange that apart from 2 doubts the whole team is fit. A bit of a bummer when we look at some parts of the season when half of the first team regular starters […]

The FA Cup Final – It’s Probert (which is bad), but the crowd can still swing it.

The FA Cup Final – Arsenal v Hull – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw


Referee – Lee Probert (Wiltshire FA) Assistants – Jake Collin (Liverpool FA) and Mick McDonough (Northumberland FA) Fourth Official – Kevin Friend (Leicestershire and Rutland FA) Reserve Assistant Referee – Simon Bennett (Staffordshire FA)


A few things I […]

Arsenal transfers in and out this summer: the Untold list

By Billy the Dog McGraw in consultation with Mrs Prodnegast’s magic cat

It’s the summer so there are transfers. They come and go day by day, and most of the time get forgotten quite rightly, because most are a load of old cobblers.

But just before the press have a chance to remove them […]

Legal battles rage in the championship as football disintegrates into the courts.

By Tony Attwood

If you thought that FFP in the Premier League was complex (and it seems to get more complex hour by hour at the moment), just wait til you get to the Championship – the second tier of English football.

But before you do, let me answer […]

Nervous but confident: being a real supporter and preparing for Saturday

By Walter Broeckx

Cup final day is nearing. And so the nerves are slowly creeping in. Of course there are nerves.

And it’s not because we have won twice against Hull or that we will have an easy job in the Cup final.

In fact have you ever remembered Arsenal having an easy job in […]

Tottenham 15 Arsenal 1 as we approach St Daniel’s Day

By Tony Attwood

We have this day – St Totteringham’s Day or St Totteridge’s Day – upon which Arsenal signify through their results that once again that they will finish above Tottenham in the league.

Now we now also have the song – “It’s happened again”. If you were there, you’ll remember it from this […]

Sexism in football: it seems anyone can get away with anything.

By Tony Attwood

What is it with senior football men, and women?

As we all remember, in 2011, the ludicrous Sky Sports pair of Richard Keys and Andy Gray were eventually forced to resign after they made a whole serious of sexist comments about women.

BT Sport obviously didn’t think the affair was too important […]

Being top of the league at the right moment

By Walter Broeckx

Looking back at the league season is interesting but also a bit painful. We know it could have gone differently if only… if only….

In a way Arsenal has made a big step forward this season in the league and I do have the hope and the feeling that next season we […]

BBC programme confirms the view that Man C were unprepared for Uefa punishment

By Tony Attwood

Yesterday’s article on Manchester City’s issues with Uefa over FFP raised a fair amount of interest, and quite a few vitriolic responses too.

There was a lot of argument as to where the process had actually got to, following some comments (which I posted in the blog comment section early yesterday […]

Season Review of Referees 2013-2014 – Part 1. The bogeymen and the makeweights

by Andrew Crawshaw

This is the first part of a review of the referees for the past league season and is a summary of who we had, how often and what our results were.

The PGMOL have 18 referees on their panel from which they select referees for Premier League matches, so you would expect […]

Why Liverpool are desperate for a Man City victory

By Tony Attwood

Why more Liverpool?

Well, because they came five points ahead of us in the league, because we knocked them out of the cup, and perhaps most because the media is saying some very strange things about Liverpool that need to be examined.

As we saw in Walter’s last article, Liverpool have been […]