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July 2008

Suddenly no one is complaining

Because, after all the rubbish and nonsense about Arsenal being bust, having to sell even poor old Senderos to balance the books, the Board selling despite Wenger saying no, everyone leaving… and on and on and on and on and on and

suddenly its all great. We have Jack Wilshere. We have so many strikers […]

Who should be 4th & how funny is Bentley

I’m mentioning Bentley again because Goonernews didn’t run my wonderful and exciting piece on his transfer and just how much money exactly Arsenal are making out of him drifting along to Tottenham High Street. Go back to the last article if you missed it and want to see some earth shatteringly funny stuff. Well, maybe […]

Tiny Totts ready to give Arsenal £5 million bonus money

As we all know, The Great Lord Wenger did not want silly-billy Bentley to leave Highbury and trot his stuff around the rest of the EPL. (Actually although we know it no football journalist knows this, or if he or she does know it, he or she keeps very quiet about it.)

But the Bentley […]

Cesc to write column for Daily Mail

In an amazing about turn Cesc Fabregas has agreed to write a regular column for the Daily Mail. In it he will reflect upon life as a professional footballer. It is thought he will discuss his longing to return to Spain, and the way in which professional players talk to each other and encourage each […]

So is there an anti-Arsenal conspiracy?

Events in human history can be described in three ways.

1, As a series of cock-ups. We go out to fight the Germans in world war I, put a total cretin in charge and manage to slaughter half of our young men with a campaign that should never have happened in a war that could […]

Ain’t it just bloody typical?

I write what I think is rather a cool and interesting analysis of why there are these negative stories around about Arsenal, linking the whole thing to a subterranean movement with a fair degree of skulduggery not to mention drunkenness and lo and behold, the moment it is up on GoonerNews, our server decides to […]

Do you like being treated like an idiot?

Every day the newspapers of England (and for all I know, the rest of the world too) create stories. Like…

Peter Crouch will join Arsenal (I always quote that one because it is so funny) Cesc is about to leave – ok maybe not today, but next year certainly. Hleb calls Cesc selfish Toure will […]

A special thanks for kind words expressed

When I started this blog and opened it up to comments I thought that the best thing to do would be not to reply to comments – unless someone was expressly asking for extra information.

My thinking was that otherwise I’d end up justifying myself over and over again – and the reason I didn’t […]

Mail on Sunday reveals Arsenal fraud shock

There is a story in the Mail on Sunday 27 July which says that Senderos is wanted by Newcastle United, and that they have bid £4 million.

More, it says that Mr Wenger doesn’t want to sell him, but that the Board are interested in letting him go, especially if they can edge this up […]

Has Wenger lost the plot, or is it just some fans?

Let’s try the arguments and see where they go.

Against Wenger:

We ain’t won nothing since the FA Cup.

Quite true, although since then we’ve got to our first ever Euro Final, built a completely new team and were looking for a while last year like we could win it. Only a bad run of […]

Wenger plays a master stroke

Manchester Bankrupt go to South Africa. Now they are looking at India to spread their evil message. Where the Bankrupts go, so go CSKA. Spread the word, sell the t-shirt, get an audience.

The whole approach was probably started by Real Mad, at least that’s the first big attempt to grab an audience by artificial […]

Absolutely nothing about Arsenal is true (including this headline)

So, what we know is that Kolo has got the plague – (big full page spread in The Standard yesterday saying that this was going to be an utter disaster and instantly means that Arsenal will be relegated to the Conference by Christmas).

But he hasn’t, he’s got little plague, probably because he was taking […]

Wilshire again???

Every summer I anticipate that one of our “signings” will in fact be a youngster who has come through from the age of 2 months and suddenly is ready. Not necessarily ready for the first team, but certainly ready for the Doddly Woddly Cup matches that the Tiny Totts hold so dear.

Maybe it is […]

Who is Jack Wilshire?

There is a film doing the rounds of Jack Wilshere scoring a goal from just a few yards in front of the halfway line. The ball travels off target, and stays off target, and then at the last second bends inwards, hits the inside of the post and goes in.

You can think maybe of […]

But then it just gets messier for Ade

There is a story doing the rounds that the whole world of football transfers is going to unlock, and vast amounts of money is going to change hands any second now.

The big event that will start all this happening is the transfer from AC Milan of Kaka to CSKA Fulham or somewhere else for […]

Wenger raises an interesting point

… which is that he hasn’t actually discussed any of the Adebayor summer issue with Adebayor.

At lot has been made this summer of the fact that “Sir” Alex F-word would not return from his summer holiday to have a natter with Ronaldodo but little comment on the fact that Wenger likewise let the player […]

In defence of Adebayor

I’m not bursting with desire to defend Ade, but I do think that some of the stuff being posted about him at the moment is a bit over the top. Here’s a little bit of the other side of the coin.

To start, 90% of what passes for the transfer market is now pure manipulation […]

It’s good to laugh at those less fortunate than ourselves

Now I want you to sit down and relax. Take some deep breaths. If you don’t I can’t possibly be responsible for the result.

This is a quotation from that awfully nice Mr Ramos of the Tiny Totts reported in the Guardian.

“Tottenham have a clear philosophy and have had for years. We are on […]

Barca’s next step concerning Adebayor

We know that Milan have finished mucking about. All that stuff about “the only person we want to sign is Adebayor” followed by “we don’t want to sign anyone else” shows that it was all a hoax to help edge along their discussions with Barca, keep the fans happy and disrupt their rivals.

So that […]

Why Milan hoax has been ignored by warped press

The Milan Hoax – in which they openly stated that Ade was the only player they wanted, then claimed they had a letter from Arsenal virtually begging them to make an offer – before finally saying “we’ve got a guy from Brazil we don’t need anyone else” – is ignored in the press today.

These […]

Milan admit: Chasing Ade was just a hoax

Reuters have reported formally what insiders have been saying for weeks – Milan’s fun and games with Adebayor were just that: fun and games.

The statement that said, “It’s Adebayor or no one for us,” the really dumb story about Arsenal having said that they are still interested in selling and will drop the price… […]

25% of the way through: what have we learned about Arsenal?

We are 25% of the way through the transfer window, and we have learned things…

1. Agents run the game, with the willing support of their Slaves (as we must call them) and a few clubs that have their own agenda (such as BarBarBlackcelona)

2. Arsenal are the only team in the top 4 of […]

What will Arsenal do with all the money?

Hleb to Barca for £15 million. That’s a £5 million pound profit.

Adebayor to Milan for £25 million. That’s a £21 million pound profit.

You have to wonder, what is Arsenal going to do with the profit? We’ve already given detailed analysis of the finances of the club to show that the turnover at the […]

Curse of Arsenal strikes yet again

If you have ever thought the talk of the Curse of Arsenal was just so much blog based gibberish, then it is time to think again. It should also be a warning to anyone at Arsenal who is looking to leave.

The Curse, as you will know if you have been paying attention, was placed […]

Must we make Kieran Gibbs suffer like this?

Kieran Gibbs suffered the ignominy of having to play with a bunch of players of clearly lower levels of ability as England under 18s were slaughtered by the Czech Republic, who managed to stroll to a 2-0 victory despite have only 9 men for the last 10 minutes.

Gibbs must have wondered what was going […]