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Premier League Betting and Odds

The case for video evidence – in some cases

Today’s Sponsor: “Making the Arsenal” – just so you can realise what it was like in the really bad times.


by Walter Broeckx

Introducing video evidence without delaying the game.

As you know I don’t spare my criticism when I see bad referee decisions. I always try to […]

How would The Invincibles have coped last season?

How would The Invincibles have coped? A Retro-Retrospective.

By Dale Higginbottom

After the recent poor results around the end of the season and reading the hatred of many so-called Arsenal fans I wanted to bring a little bit of perspective on things and think about how would The […]

Super Nick and Drogba: a comparison

Today’s sponsor: Arsenal Worldwide. The association for every Arsenal fan across the world

by Walter Broeckx

Some of us can still remember the CL game at home against Liverpool. When Cesc shot at goal the ball was kept out… by an Arsenal player, Nicklas Bendtner. Yes it was a painful moment […]

How four guys with personality disorders created the doom and gloom movement

The Rise of the Catastrophist – finally explained

If you came today to most Arsenal blogs for the first time, you would be excused from believing that doom and gloom is everywhere. In the last couple of days there has been talk of “mass protests” at the Emirates Cup games, defection […]

Forget Cesc, Messi is coming

Today’s sponsor: Arsenal Worldwide. The association for every Arsenal fan across the world ——————————–

by Walter Broeckx

So here we go again. Cesc has hardly put one foot on Spanish soil and the Spanish media are all over him again with all kind of stories about his move to Barcelona.

Now […]

Tottenham Hotspur’s Triesman goes but other Tinies remain as FA crawls along the gutter

The FA is fairly strong on the Tottenham supporting front. Or at least it was until naughty Lord Triesman was taped by a bimbo spilling the beans about the way the pesky Russians and the Spanish are bribing world cup refs.

Tottenham-crazed Triesman is now yesterday’s news (a bit like the club he supports) – […]

Arsenal Worldwide, an update

by Walter Broeckx

When I came in touch with Armin Medic, of the Bosnian supporters club, a few months ago he came up with the idea to do something for the Arsenal fans outside the UK. We had some very interesting email sessions and so the idea of making a magazine written by Arsenal fans […]

Rewarding the loyal refs for their dreadful decisions

By Walter Broeckx

Congratulations and celebrations,

When I tell everyone that you’re going to the world cup

Congratulations and jubilations,

I want the world to know I’m not surprised at all.


Forgive me to have changed the lyrics of this old Cliff Richard song a bit.

The refs that […]

Next season’s squad – the analysis, the detail, the review, the transfers

By Phil Gregory

Before the opening of the transfer window and the start of silly season, I think it wise have a look at the squad and see what we need to add for the upcoming season. I’m counting out players with injuries that mean they start the season injured: given the “Eduardo experience” I’d […]

Where’s Tony Adams?

Tony Adams, Mr Arsenal, won the league four times, the FA cup three times, the league cup twice, the Cup Winners’ Cup, and is only player in English football history to captain a title-winning side in three different decades.

Tony Adams is in Gabala, three hours drive from the capital of Azerbaijan. Most British fans […]

The fan who never saw Arsenal lifting a cup


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The fan who never saw Arsenal […]

The final review of the season

by Walter Broeckx

The final games have been played. The league table is final. As you know I have done a few reviews of our season and compared it with the games we had last season. So now we can try to draw a few final conclusions.

Until the game against Birmingham we were doing […]

Arsenal’s squad for next season: no restriction on the number of new players

It’s clear we are about to buy Chamakh. And the Lord Wenger has announced that he will be buying some defenders. In the plural. At least two. Maybe more.

In fact, if you manage to plough through all my ramblings, you will see I am predicting a giant squad (and not […]

Crisis what crisis? The rotten structure of English football.

Today’s Sponsor: Historical Fiction on Acid. The strangest book on football in the history of books on football.


Crisis, What Crisis?

By Simon Bailey.

Is the English game in crisis? Well if we compare it to FIFA or Trinidad and Tobagos FA our own situation doesn’t look too […]

Financial fair play: how Uefa’s new regulations will be run by a plumber

By Walter Broeckx

In September the UEFA’s Executive Committee approved the Financial Fair Play concept for the well-being of European club football.

The major objective of the Financial Fair Play concept is to improve the financial fairness in European competitions, as well as the long-term stability of […]

Supporting Arsenal from across the Channel

By Walter Broeckx

Oh the joy of being an Arsenal fan when at 5 am on a Sunday morning the alarm clock next to my bed wakes me up. Pure delight is what runs in my blood when I realise I will be in the Emirates in some 12 hours from […]

Be proud, be very proud. Arsenal become first team ever to retain Premier Academy League

Arsenal have won the Premier Academy League – the first team ever to retain the title. What’s more they have secured their position as the most successful youth team club of all time.

What’s more, Arsenal won the title without using their main players from last year. Jay Emmanuel Thomas, for example, who could have […]

What is happening to the 15 players who were on loan last year

This article was published at about 8am on 11 May but there were reports from readers that it was not visible, so I am trying it again.


There were 15 Arsenal players on loan by the end of the season. Here’s an analysis of them – the percentage figure at the end comes from […]

15 loans: a survey of the players who ended the season elsewhere


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There were 15 Arsenal players on loan by the end of the season. Here’s an analysis […]

Arsenal 4 Everton 2, Man U 1 Arsenal 1


Gooner Gifts is a one-stop shop for all things Arsenal related, from replica kits and retro shirts through to Emirates Stadium tours, memorabilia and novelty items.


Arsenal Ladies and Arsenal Youth both win

by Tony Attwood

Arsenal Ladies have won the last ever Premier League – […]

The league look ready to abandon support for Liverpool

By Tony Attwood

Two stories at once – this one, and the fact that Arsenal Ladies won the league yesterday (Sunday). I’ll come back to the triumph of Arsenal Ladies in the next piece. First…

Liverpool’s finances look awful – more awful than before. But I don’t think that that is […]

Lansbury is the big surprise as Arsenal win 16-1

16-1, I should explain, was the number of shots for each side.

And there isn’t too much point in doing any analysis of a match like this. We needed to win, and Fulham were thinking of the Europa League, and we did what was necessary. Most amusingly Tottenham didn’t.

Djourou came back and had a […]

Football is a mug’s game. Just when you think you are on the up, this happens.

By Tony Attwood

Fulham is one of those teams that I rarely have animosity for. They don’t seem to play long ball stuff, and they don’t try to kick us to death. (Of course having written that a few hours before the match, they might well try to do that today, but my recollection is […]

Arsenal to revert to 4-4-2?

by Tony Attwood

Just a little story that I noticed, in case it is of interest.

There’s an interesting piece in the Guardian today which suggests that the team will change from 4-3-3- over to 4-4-2 for the game against Fulham.

I have to admit when Eboue is in the team I do sometimes lose […]

Fulham FC – the financial perspective of the club that tried to buy Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Since everyone in the UK is still wondering who is going to run the country, and no one is reading blogs, I thought I would amuse myself by doing a preview of the game against Fulham by looking at their finances.

Fulham FC is actually a network of companies which ultimately seem […]