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The first thing we do, let’s kill all the agents (Shakespeare, almost)

By Tony Attwood

OK, you might be expecting me to argue in a piece about what is wrong with football, that the force blocking all change is the notoriously conservative Football Association, and yes’ I’d go along with that.

But there is another force acting against all change, and they are much more powerful than […]

The 49 players now tipped for Arsenal this summer

By Sir Hardly Anyone

A quick peek in through the shuttered windows of the Toppled Bollard (favourite drinking house of football journalists across London) reveals the awful truth. It’s shut.

Which is why the rumour mill has gone into hyperplus overdrive as those who make up the summer transfer tales eschew their normal drinking […]

Could this be the time when the broadcasting of football finally changes?

It has probably never been said before, but Facebook and Google’s sales look like they are going down as a result of the virus crisis.

However since most other companies are seeing revenue falls at about 10 times the amount of Facebook and Google, it probably doesn’t bother […]

Two simple rules: stuff happens, and if you’re worried don’t sign the contract

By Tony Attwood

Of course no one knew coronavirus would happen now, but anyone who ever studied the history of the Earth would know it, and other disasters like it, will happen. Just because the last pandemic that totally took our society apart happened 100 years ago, it doesn’t mean human pandemics just don’t […]

Football is being taken over by those fighting their own wars. Can Arsenal survive?

by Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw, senior psychologist at the University College Hospital of the North Circular Road.

Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United for £134m. He bought it in stages, making use of UK law that says that once a single person or company owns over 30% of a listed UK firm, he or it […]

The big issues facing football, and why no one is addressing them.

by Tony Attwood

Slowly very slowly football clubs in England are starting to realise that there is not going to be a return to the old ways, at least not any time soon. There are too many problems – the current season running past the end of contract date, actually finding time […]

The 10 Transfers that Arsenal are about to make

By Sir Hardly Anyone

A quick peek in through the shuttered windows of the Toppled Bollard (favourite drinking house of football journalists across London) reveals the awful truth. It’s shut.

Which is why the rumour mill has stopped milling – or at least has reduced its normally feverish output to the merest trickle of […]

Why this is the moment to feel good about Arsenal

by Christophe Jost

I feel good.

Yep, that is how a feel about Arsenal. Really. No kidding. No sarcasm. And I am not day-dreaming either, I think.

Let me explain.

The team

As I mentioned the other day, Arsenal have 4 contracts expiring this summer. One is an Arsenal player, Matt Macey. the 3 players […]

It is not full steam ahead for football, even with the plans for ghost games

By Tony Attwood

Somehow we expect the German League to have everything sorted, done and dusted when it comes to getting the pesky virus out of the way. We imagine them having a plan so that this season dis quickly dealt with and then its full steam ahead up to the next season. While the […]

At all levels of football, the crisis is here, and it won’t go away

by Tony Attwood

“The most important week in the history of the Football League – act now, or risk carnage”. So said Mark Palios, the former FA Chief Executive.

It doesn’t really matter when he said it, because it is always the most important week. But this week is a special […]

Slowly football is changing, but unfortunately not everyone is following the plot

By Tony Attwood

You might not know if from reading the English blogs and newspapers but yes, decisions are being made, and proposals are being put on the table.

OK these things have not worked out well in Scotland, where, as we noted last time around, a certain local difficulty has been encountered. But elsewhere […]

The Scottish play; the kiss of death; what is going on with football in the north???

by Neil Down / Ann Weep

We have held back on doing an Untold report on Scottish football despite frantic emails from Tony asking for a piece which clarifies what the F*** (to use the technical term) is going on, simply because despite being the designated news feeders to Untold for football in Scotland, […]

Exactly how are we going to start football again?

By Christophe Jost

As I explained in my previous article on The Last Pandemic, the end of the pandemic was just the beginning of a new set of problems. Those who survived had a whole new set of issues to face.

As different countries approach a stage in which the curve representing the number of […]

How does the new football world translate into reality for Arsenal FC ?

By Christophe Jost

It is possible that in recent days you may have wondered a little about the competence of all those sports reporters who are seemingly totally unable to start telling the real story of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of its effect on football.

So, given that our colleagues who actually get paid […]

Now is the time to investigate the refereeing system in the Premier League

BY Don McMahon

Don McMahon is a retired senior referee

Every week, for countless years, I have read endless and repeated complaints about the PGMOL and its members, the ¨Professional¨ officials who make up its herd.

I am now going to propose a possible set of solutions to the PIGMOB and its head […]

The last pandemic was 100 years ago. But the effect on football this time is different

By Christophe Jost and Tony Attwood

History teaches us that often things happen that are a repetition of previous events. And as a result, we can learn from the past and do it differently this time.

So it is reasonable to consider going back 100 years to the last time a pandemic swept across Europe […]

How can West Ham possibly be in financial difficulties after being given a stadium?

By Tony Attwood

When you think about it, West Ham have it all. So much in fact that it probably makes every other club green with envy and puce with anger and probably maroon with something else.

In 2017/18 (the last season for which figures are available) WHU had the eighth highest turnover in the […]

Football’s big problem: cash flow, transfers, collapse of sponsors, piracy, everything…

by Tony Attwood

I just got a post on my phone titled Big Topic Discussion: “What an ideal transfer windows for Arsenal will look like?” It’s not too hard to translate it into grammatical English however, so we can get the rough idea of what they wanted to talk about.

This statement came from AFC […]

£4.5bn is in outstanding transfer fees, and few have got the money to pay.

By Tony Attwood

Slowly it has been realised: the clubs across Europe owe around £4.5bn in transfer fees.

Of course in one way it can be said that that is not a crisis since everyone owes everyone else, so if A pays B then B pays C etc and […]

Is this a real attempt to undermine Arsenal, or just whacky gibberish?

by Sir Hardly Anyone

“The six players Arsenal must sell this summer to give Mikel Arteta the squad he needs” is a challenging headline. Six? I mean really six? More than half a squad??? All sold at once???

Of course, some of them might be youngsters or players who are already out on […]

Fifa has a problem and so does world football

By Tony Attwood

As we noted yesterday, the USA is about to go onto the attack against Fifa (see USA is about to attack Fifa in the biggest assault on bribery in football ever)

But in doing this it is also going on the attack against Qatar and its winning of the right to hold […]

USA is about to attack Fifa in the biggest assault on bribery in football ever

by Tony Attwood

Investigation teams in the USA have now stated that the three decisive votes for the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar were subject to a wholesale process of bribery and corruption.

It is what most of us have concluded all along, but of course, the level of proof demanded by […]

Arsenal v Liverpool. How the two clubs are treated so differently by the media.

by Tony Attwood

If there have been any central themes on Untold during the corona virus outbreak they could probably be best summarised as

a) Football in England could well be in a dire mess because many clubs have no reserves to allow them to survive a crisis. Indeed it […]

Clubs are much closer to the edge than you might think.

By Tony Attwood

Very, very slowly newspapers and online commentators are starting to think – if this all goes very wrong, some clubs could lose a lot of money. They are not yet asking “And then what?” but it is a step in the right direction.

And when we start looking at how much money […]

Despite financial fears, Arsenal to sign 42 players

By Sir Hardly Anyone

To be fair to the termites who write this stuff, the volume of transfer rumours is down considerably on the last three years. But since the grown ups are spending their days simply wondering which club is going into liquidation first, it all seems a bit odd.

Arsenal of course […]