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May 2008
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5.5 Centre Forwards and the fans want more!

There’s an Arsenal web site that is currently running a yes/no question along the lines – should Arsenal sign another striker?

The majority have said yes.

Which is fine – except we are getting a bit overloaded. We have

Adebayor – scored the same number of goals in Season 3 as Theirry Henry, which is […]

FIFA / EU compromise emerges – Arsenal to benefit

Uefa has produced its alternative to the wild scheme of FIFA – which goes completely against EU law.

The UEFA proposal, which the EU has indicated it could well accept avoids the issue of the nationality of players and instead requires that clubs playing in the European competitions should include in the 25 man squad […]

Could internationals be outlawed? Probably yes.

“We were at the crossroad between the interests of clubs and national teams, and the congress of Fifa has given very clear indications of where we have to go,” said Sepp Blatter as he pushed through his infamous rule about home grown players.

The crossroads is exactly where FIFA is. Its position has been undermined […]

The Arsenal Curse strikes again

Poor sad Flamini. He leaves Arsenal, which is bad enough in itself, and then the Arsenal Curse begins to hit – just as it did on Birmingham City FC after the attack on Eduardo.

First, he finds that he is not going to play in the Champions League. Then he finds that he is not […]

Arsenal unaffected by EU rejection of FIFA wild ideas

Vladimir Spidla, European Commissioner for Employment, Social affairs and Equal opportunities has confirmed what Untold Arsenal has said for months, that the FIFA plan to limit the number of “foreign” players in each team is completely illegal under EU law, and would be opposed by the EU.

It is now more than likely that FIFA […]

Nasri’s here, Grimandi stays, Randall & Barazite in 1st team

As we said on Untold Arsenal last week the Nasri deal is on – just the usual boring stuff about whether it is 20k a week or 22k, and how many years. Clever aren’t we?

And as we said nine months ago Grimandi is of total importance to AFC – he was in Colorado, which […]

Blatter’s 7+4 restriction on foreign players won’t hurt Arsenal

The idea that FIFAs bizarre attempt to limit the number of “foreign” players who can play in domestic matches will easily get through EU legislation is bizarre.

But let’s assume for the moment that Blatter’s limit of seven foreign players on the pitch for any team at any one time, does actually happen in 2010/11. […]

When commentators go bad

According to Wikipedia Stan Collymore “is widely regarded as one of the best football analysts for his work on radio,television and in print.”

There can be few Arsenal supporters who would agree with this after Collymore’s ludicrous and bizarre outburst on Radio 5 on the evening of 26 May 2008. Collymore, part of a discussion […]

Arsenal in clear as UEFA start to define its approach to debt

The Daily Telegraph has reported that UEFA has held a committee meeting too look at the issue of the bankruptcy of this year’s two Euro Cup Finalisits.

Unfortunately there is no mention of the committee meeting on the UEFA web site (although it might well go up in due course) but there is no […]

Welcome to the battle of the bankrupts

Tonights the big night.

The two most indebted clubs in the history of football, who between them owe over £1.5 billion and have absolutely no way of paying it back.

One of them the most notorious anti-footballing team of the present era, the other sinking deeper and deeper into the financial mire.

Meanwhile in the […]

Arsenal not in final as they don’t have enough debt

The two teams in tonights cup game owe 1.5 billion pounds between them. They are the most debt laden clubs in the world – and the fact that they have made it to the final says something utterly awful about football. This is Match 39: the great dream of the English Premier League. A game […]

The Arsenal Superstars of Next Season

More Untold Arsenal awards

Superstar of next season: Theo Walcott. Suddenly, just when we all expected it not to happen, he exploded. The one thing that was wrong – his inability to avoid being drawn into blind alleys where he lost the ball – vanished. It was as if he thought, “Bugger this, […]

French miss out on top players

Gael Clichy, along with Sagna and Diaby have escaped a possible long term injury of the type suffered by Van Persie and Alex Hleb, as France have failed to procure their services for the Euro Finals this summer.

There was a concern that France might inflict international football on Clichy after he was put into […]

Yes it is on. We’ve got Nasri

Gilles Grimandi has been watching him, everyone says he is incredible, and Nasri himself has said he’s leaving.

The price is around 14 million pounds which is within the realms of Arsenal’s affordability for the right player – and if it is true that Hleb wants to go, then Arsenal will get all of that […]

Untold Arsenal Awards: Best and Worst Moments

The best moment – the first goal away to Milan, which shows that Fabregas is not only a genius but is able to take control of the match. Not only the best moment because of what it signified there and then but also because it showed a side of Cesc that can only grow.


Everyone says its Nasri

The reason is that

a) he’s amazing

b) he’s said he’s ready to leave Marseilles

c) lots of people have linked him to Arsenal – although that’s probably because Gilles Grimandi has been watching him.

The price is around 14 million pounds which is within the realms of Arsenal’s affordability for the right player

And […]

Everyone is saying we’ve signed Nasri

The reason is that

a) he’s amazing

b) he’s said he’s ready to leave Marseilles

c) lots of people have linked him to Arsenal – although that’s probably because Gilles Grimandi has been watching him.

The price is around 14 million pounds which is within the realms of Arsenal’s affordability for the right player

And […]

Flamini out of Champs League 08/09

Flamini, the French player who turned away from Arsenal in favour of Milan has just discovered what not being at Arsenal means.

For a start it means not playing in the Champions League. While Fabregas and co will be attempting to win the world’s top competition Flamini will have to make do with the […]

Colorado Arsenal top US league

Arsenal’s American partners, Colorado Rapids, are top of the Western Conference after beating Real Salt Lake 2-0 in a televised game. They are now two points clear of their nearest rivals, changing their formation to 3-5-2 after a more conventional 4-4-2 in earlier games.

Colorado signed a long-term deal with Arsenal on February 9, […]

Untold Arsenal Awards 07/08: Management

3 awards in the Management of Clubs category.

Most aggressive management: Beyond any doubt “Sir” Alex Ferguson during the Arsenal 2 Manchester Utd 2 game at the Emirates. Man U scored their second goal and “Sir” Alex ran out with all his accumulated flunkies and hangers on, to the edge of the pitch […]

Untold Arsenal Awards 3: Most delusional supporters

There were only two serious contenders for the category of “Most Delusional Supporters 2007/8”: Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

The argument in favour of Tottenham was based on the bizarre belief expressed at the start of the season that they would end up fourth. In reality they spent much of the season in their spiritual […]

Arsenal Old Boys 1, Cardiff City 0

In the Fairly Anemic Cup Final, an Arsenal Old Boys team including Kanu, Diarra and Campbell under the guidance of Tony Adams meandered past Cardiff City.

It was a bit of a shock to see the empty seats in the stands opposite the TV cameras, but that I suppose is indicative of the way this […]

Untold Arsenal Awards 2: Poorest visiting supporters

Bolton’s support was awful – just plain awful.

There were about 30 of them, and they just sat and watched and went home. I saw more visiting supporters when I went to watch Kettering against Southport.

There is something really wrong with Bolton – to put up with the anti-football that Fat Sam the Slug […]

Untold Arsenal Awards 1: Worst Visiting Supporters


As usual there were votes for Man U with their dreadful pedophilia song, but for sheer awful bad taste and managing to get the whole stadium against them within 30 seconds, the winners must be Aston Villa.

They played Arsenal just after the dreadful assault by Birmingham City on Eduardo, […]

FA & government intensify battle against Arsenal

We saw last week how the government had manipulated the situation to ensure that Arsenal’s bid for a UEFA cup final at the Emirates would fail – and then changed the rules again so that Wembley’s bid would succeed.

Now they’ve gone much further.

A bunch of MPs that make up the culture, media and […]